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FarmVille2 Tips : Get 24-Hour Crop grow in minutes

We players are aware that in FarmVille2, our neighbors are our farmhands, just like Marie. You can produce tons of 24-hour crops in minutes with the help of your Farmhands. This is what we are going to explain in this article – How To get the maximum benefit of your FarmVille 2 neighbors.

But first we should understand how Crops and Farmhand works in FarmVille2. After deciding what we want to grow in cropland, we need 3 ingredients to get the FarmVille2 Crops fully grown in minutes: Water, Fertilizers and Speed Grow. If we provide all three to a cropland in a minute, the crop will grow to it’s full. Collection of water and fertilizers are not an issue as water gets regenerated @ 1 unit every 2 min 30 sec and if you have wells you can get extra 10 units every 4-hour. Though we cannot regenerate fertilizer, but animals in your farms which produce fertilizers, you will have enough of fertilizer to use at cropland. Players can also send fertilizers as daily gift to their FarmVille2 Neighbors. Speed-Grow is one of the consumable for which player has to spend FarmVille2 Bucks, which costs you real money. Well actually not the only way and this is where Your FarmVille2 Neighbors comes into picture.


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