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farmville 2 Country Escape – farmville 2 update

farmville 2  Country Escape (more…)


farmville 2 free item (29 December 2013)- farmville 2 water

farmville 2 free itemsHey mates, collect farmville 2 free item and check out new farmville 2 update. Have you got the above popup where Walter is offering a helping hand to borrow stuff you need from your friends. (more…)

farmville 2 cheats 100% working farmville 2 cheats

farmville 2 fuel pump – farmville 2 update

farmville-2-fuel-pump-farmville-2-updateHey mates, In coming days farmville 2 is coming up with some very exciting features. One of which we have already discussed in our previous post which is farmville 2 prized animal pasture. It is supposed to be a new expansion which shall be used to keep your farmville 2 prized animals. Along with this you will also get farmville 2 fuel pump. Just like well and furnace, farmville 2 fuel pump will be used to regenerate fuel. (more…)

Crush The Candy Guide

farmville 2 prized animal pasture – farmville 2 update

farmville-2-prized-animal-pasture-farmville-2-updateHey mates, how many of you have noticed the new expansion ‘farmville 2 prized animal pasture’ across the road. Though it says coming soon but like river crop, we are not sure how soon it will be. But farmville 2 prized animal pasture certainly sound exciting as we are going to have this new expansion of farmville 2 land. We just wish to view the whole farmville 2 prized animals pasture expansion but we guess we have to wait for that. But no matter what farmville 2 prized animal pasture is certainly going to roll out and we are so eager to have it in our farms.



farmville 2 free items: free water (6 October 2013)

farmville 2 free items free water (6 October 2013)

Hey Mates,

Here we are with another set of farmville 2 free items along with a important update. Do not forget to share these farmville 2 free items with other neighbors.

FarmVille 2 Update

 There are many farmville 2 players who are trying to finish last mission of ‘The Great Appaloosa logjam’ 4th week quest. This mission is asking farmville 2 players to raise 1 baby duck into a healthy quacking adult. But even after raising multiple baby ducks as adult is not triggering the completion of mission. Some are even wondering if they are doing any wrong. (more…)

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