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farmville 2 shady trough removal – farmville 2 cheats

farmville 2 shady trough farmville 2 cheatsHey Mates, with recent removal of extra farmville 2 shady trough, which as per farmville 2 studio was added in the inventory by mistake, you might be confused about the status of farmville 2 animals in your farm. Many players will have problem with existing farmville 2 animals on removal of this extra farmville 2 shady trough. Many farmville 2 players might be having more farmville 2 animals than then the capacity.



Farmville 2 free items – 30 farmville 2 power (4 October 2013)

Hey mates,

Please go through the below important farmville 2 update while collecting farmville 2 free items for today. You can collect your farmville 2 free items by clicking link given at the end of post. Also share this post so that your farmville 2 friends can also get benefit of farmville 2 free items.

Important farmville 2 update

Well this is little disheartening to know that farmville 2 has realized the glitch in farmville 2 which farmville 2 players were using to get an extra farmville 2 shady trough. Soon this extra farmville 2 shady trough will be removed though farmville 2 studio is claiming to compensate for the costs. (more…)

farmville 2 cheats 100% working farmville 2 cheats

FarmVille Fire Department Quest Guide – FarmVille 2 Cheats

Hey Mates,

Firefighting can be dirty work. Help Gus organize a Volunteer Fire Brigade as the mission next week will be devoted to High Temperature and Forest Fires. Make sure you have plenty of water. With upgraded shady trough you will have enough for your firefighters.

Sounds adventures!! Next week FarmVille 2 is releasing feature to upgrade FarmVille 2 shady trough. In addition to it, players will have to complete 8 Mission Times Quest ‘FarmVille Fire Department Quest ’. Following is the pre-release text guide of FarmVille Fire Department Quest.  Please check out details of ‘FarmVille Fire Department Quest ’so you are well prepared in advance


Crush The Candy Guide

FarmVille 2 Shady Trough Deluxe – FarmVille 2 Cheats

Hey Mates,

Good news for all FarmVille 2 players. Very soon FarmVille 2 is releasing upgrade of Shady Trough which will increase the capacity of FarmVille Animals. Current FarmVille 2 Shady Trough increases the capacity of FarmVille 2 animals by +10 where as the upgraded FarmVille 2 Shady Trough Deluxe will increase it by +15. After this even if we do not buy water trough using farm bucks, we can have 50 farmville 2 animals in our farms.

Following are the cheat codes of FarmVille 2 Shady Trough Deluxe and items required to build it. If you wish to remove under construction FarmVille 2 Shady Trough Deluxe use the following FarmVille 2 cheats.



Farmville 2 – Shady Trough Guide

Hey Farmville 2 Farmers!

Do you want some more room for Animals on your farm? If so, the new Shady Trough is right here for you! This new and improved trough will surely increase your Animal population cap by 10 instead of the regular by 5.

If you are at level 5 or above right now , you are going to see the following pop-up upon entering FarmVille 2.



Clicking on “Place Shady Trough” will give you the ability to place the Shady Trough Frame on your Farm. If you do not wish to use the Shady Trough then simply click the “Cancel” button and the frame will be sent to your inventory to use it later on.

Just like the regular trough, the Shady Trough needs to be built before you can enjoy an increased animal capacity it can bring to your farm. Continue Reading ..

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