FarmVille 2 – Makeover of FarmVille

Farmville deserve its recognition for playing major role in revolutionizing social gaming. It is one of early games on face book to capture a mass audience. One can easily measure the success with fact that even after three years FarmVille continues to attract around 3 million players daily.

I remember FramVille Players were so passionate they would set their alarm clock to harvest crop before they rot. FarmVille 2 has interdependency in actions; means without one other is not possible. You need water to grow crops and fertilizers for better production of crops. To get fertilizers and milk you should have cows and you have to feed chicken, cows and other animals for egg, milk etc. Continue Reading ..

FarmVille 2 turn to the most popular application on Facebook

FarmVille 2 turn to the most popular application on Facebook

Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) announced revenue for this third-quarter of this year and which topped all the analysts’ forecasts as it seems FarmVille 2 turn out to be the most popular application on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), world’s biggest social networking site of all time.

Zynga, the major gaming manufacturer of social games specially on facebook , declared in this statement on Wednesday that sales moved up by 3.2% to $316.6 million. Bloomberg leader in financial data provider gathered data and confirms that analysts on average anticipated revenue of $291.5 million.

Zynga did another announcement to announce a partnership with a United Kingdom real-money gaming operator. The company further reported that it is going to buyback almost $200 million shares.

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