Farmville 2 water tower

farmville 2 water tower

Hey Mates,

New upgrade for farmville 2 water tower is out and now you can have level 7 farmville 2 water tower. Level 7 of farmville 2 water tower stores 90 units of but you need to be at level 110 to get full units of farmville 2 water tower. Many players believe farmville 2 water tower is a downgrade and not upgrade since it has many drawbacks and that is why players suggest you not to add wells to build a water tower.

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Farmville 2 Stargazers Deck

Farmville 2 Stargazers Deck main

Hi Friends! The upcoming release in farmville 2 will be Farmville 2 Stargazers Deck. Has Marie spoken to you about the meteor shower yet? Get ready for Farmville’s first meteor shower in a hundred years! Your farm has the best seats in the house to watch the meteor shower! The whole county is going starry-eyed over the meteor shower! This is going to be released in farmville 2 very soon. All you need to do is build a farmville 2 Stargazers Deck to watch the meteor shower! Host the county for the spectacle of the century and win Farmville’s first baby Poitou Mini Donkey! Isn’t it exciting? We are sure these new mini donkeys will get as much attention as the meteor shower! Not only this, you can also redeem wonderful decorations as reward. So have a sneak peak of upcoming Farmville 2 Stargazers Deck and check the cheat codes of the items.

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Farmville 2 puppet show stage

farmville 2 puppet show stage main

Hey mates, since now you have farmville 2 animal wash already in your farms, here is upcoming release in farmville 2. Next week we are going to have farmville 2 puppet show stage in our farms. Isn’t it exciting?  All you need to do is build farmville 2 puppet show stage and help Marie to put up a puppet show. Build up a farmville 2 puppet show stage and craft puppets and accessories. Invite friends to visit a show of a life time in farmville 2 puppet show stage. And players have a chance to win a baby Arpawa Goat.

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Farmville 2 speed grow machine

farmville 2 speed grow machine

Hey Mates

Well it is very frustrating sometimes to gain next level medal in county fair. Do you know using speed grow increases your chance to find prized crops? But only way to get speed grow is either by completing few quest or using farmville 2 bucks. Here is farmville 2 speed grow machine using which you can have unlimited access to farmville 2 speed grow. Read More…

Free Farmville 2 favor

free farmville 2 favor

Hey mates,

Here is another set of farmville 2 free favor. I am sure all farmville 2 players desperately seek for free farmville 2 favor. So do not miss the chance to grab 30 units of free farmville 2 favor. These free farmville 2 favor are going to stay for a while so share these free items with other farmville 2 players. Link to collect these free farmville 2 favor are   given at the end of post. If you know how to use cheat engine you can collect unlimited farmville 2 favors. Please click here to get cheat codes for farmville 2 favors.

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