FarmVille2 Tips : Get 24-Hour Crop grow in minutes

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We players are aware that in FarmVille2, our neighbors are our farmhands, just like Marie. You can produce tons of 24-hour crops in minutes with the help of your Farmhands. This is what we are going to explain in this article – How To get the maximum benefit of your FarmVille 2 neighbors.

But first we should understand how Crops and Farmhand works in FarmVille2. After deciding what we want to grow in cropland, we need 3 ingredients to get the FarmVille2 Crops fully grown in minutes: Water, Fertilizers and Speed Grow. If we provide all three to a cropland in a minute, the crop will grow to it’s full. Collection of water and fertilizers are not an issue as water gets regenerated @ 1 unit every 2 min 30 sec and if you have wells you can get extra 10 units every 4-hour. Though we cannot regenerate fertilizer, but animals in your farms which produce fertilizers, you will have enough of fertilizer to use at cropland. Players can also send fertilizers as daily gift to their FarmVille2 Neighbors. Speed-Grow is one of the consumable for which player has to spend FarmVille2 Bucks, which costs you real money. Well actually not the only way and this is where Your FarmVille2 Neighbors comes into picture.

So let us understand doings and limitation FamVille2 Farmhands. Farmhands cannot decide what action they want to take, FarmVille2 neighbors can only choose the square they want to take action on and farmville2 will decide the actions. In case of crops it is next pending action – so you can get hundreds of 24-hour crops (Carrots, Sunflowers and strawberries) in minutes, if your FarmVille2 Farmhands work on your cropland where pending action is Speed-Grow. So it is not that tricky after all, given that all your FarmVille2 neighbors are aware on which five squares they have to work on.

This can happen only if you spread the word and coordinate with your FarmVille2 neighbors. In addition you can use “wooden sign” to let your farmhands know which five squares you would like them to act on. I wish FarmVille2 has given the feature of including message on the wooden sign to make easier for players of FarmVille2. Or you can cutoff 5 croplands and mark them as given in the image below to let visiting FarmVille2 neighbors know which five plots you would like them to act on:

How it works:

  • You can request your neighbors to send you only fertilizers as daily gift, so you have plenty of it. Also make it a habit yourself to send fertilizers as daily gift.
  • Plant anything in those five squares – let it be any 24-hour crop and you can leave it un-watered to draw attention of visiting Farmville2 neighbors. Neighbors are very generous in watering your plants and feeding your hungry animals even if they are not aware of this trick. Gradually they will learn only to work on the cropland, so it will be a relief for those including me, who don’t want their animals to go prized.
  • Let the neighbors of FarmVille2 visit your farm and work on five marked squares.
  • Reap the original crop before harvesting and “accepting help” from your neighbors.
  • When you’re ready, Plant any crop you like to grow instantly and bring the planted crop to fertilized condition
  • Accept help of FarmVille2 Farmhand to Speed-Grow the crop.
  • Reap it, plant another crop and bring it to fertilized condition and accept help of next farmville2 farmhand for Speed-Grow
  • Keep doing this until help of all your FarmVille2 Farmhands is used up.

If each of us starts this practice, everyone in FarmVille2 neighborhood will be profiting in long run. Everyone’s participation means everyone’s WIN. Spread the word among your FarmVille2 Neighbors and watch your resources, money and experience grow.

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Share this article and spread the word among other FarmVille2 players to maximize your profit. If you find this guide informative and don’t want to miss and future updates, please like us on facebook.

That’s all for now. Till next time Happy Farming to all Bros and Sistas & stay cool.. :)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the wonderful guide…now i know how to excel in FarmVille2

  2. sawssan says:

    Please, I have a problem to enlarge my farm that I have to pay for it 500 as it does not allow me to request them from my friend boxes.

  3. Douglas says:

    I can’t see any FarmVille posts on my news feed either and I have tried every sogsegtiun I can find. The past couple days I won’t see any FV posts but after a few refreshes they would suddenly show up. Today even that isn’t working. I don’t have FV hidden or anything like that either.I have tons of friends and I usually have to scroll down and hit show more 5 or 6 times just to see posts from a few hours ago, now just clicking show more shows posts from 2 or 3 days ago, like it’s only showing a few status updates here and there and nothing else.

  4. Jane says:

    click on the globe next to your in box – select your language – and your in box works again – this helps sometimes – good luck!!

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