FarmVille2 Turkey Calls Quest Guide

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Thanksgiving is near and Farmville 2 welcomes it with ‘Turkey Calls’ quest. This is the extended quest of ‘The Little Rebel Turkey’ and has six missions in the quest. This FarmVIlle2 Quest is also timed and expected to finish by 26 of November 2012.

Here below we are providing requirement of each mission to help you complete the FarmVille2 ‘Turkey Calls’ Quest Fast


Stage one – Turkey Without a cause : Everyone can complete this part of quest very easily without much effort as it only need to water 5 trees, feed 5 chickens and make 25 feed.

Reward : 20 XP and 400 FarmVille2 Coins

Stage two – Anybody seen my Gobbler: It is fairly easy but little time taking quest. It requires you to have one Corn Maze Block which is of 375 FarmVille 2 Coins. Apart from it you need harvest 20 ‘Wheat’ and 4 Apple Trees which take 4 hour to grow full. If you have 4 Apple trees in your Farm, you can finish this quest in 4 hours otherwise you have to add up 4 hours for each additional harvest. Of course you can use Speed-grow and farmhands to do it fast.

Reward to complete this stage is 20 XP and 400 FarmVille2 Coins.

Stage 3 – East of onion: Now onwards you need to do lots of kitchen crafting to complete this quest. You need to harvest 30 onions which are going to take 12 hours each harvest if you are not using Speed-Grow or Farmhands. To collect 5 aprons you have to ask your FarmVille2 neighbors, which I’m sure is not a big deal if you have many active Farmville2 neighbors.

You also need to craft 5 Tomato Soup in FarmVille2 kitchen. As you can see the image FarmVille2 ‘Tomato soup’ has ‘Tomato paste’ and ‘Broth’ as ingredient. In total you need to have 30 Onion, 40 Tomato and 15 ‘water’ to finish the crafting.

Reward of completing this part of quest is 20 XP and 400 FarmVille2 Coins.

Stage 4 –Gigantes! : Quite easy task if you have Rhode Island Red Chicken with you. If not you can buy adult Rhode Island Red Chicken in 15 FarmVille2 bucks or baby Rhode Island Red Chicken which need 3 baby bottles to get adult. Adult Turkey need fed every 4 hours.

Reward : 20 XP and 400 FarmVille2 Coins

Stage 5 – Gobble along the way: This is going to be bit tough as to finish this you have to complete Two Kitchen crafting. Till you finish Kitchen crafting you can send request to your FarmVille2 neighbors for collection of 5 Oven Mitts.


You need to craft 5 Corn Puddings and 10 Orange Cupcakes. Each Corn pudding has a requirement of 18 painted hill corns and 5 ‘milk’. You need lot many Farmhands and water to grow 90 Painted Hill Corns which otherwise takes 4 hours to grow to full.

Crafting of Orange Cupcake is bit complicated, actually not that complicated if you have ready ingredients. To start with, to craft ‘Orange Cupcake’ you need 1 ‘Orange Icing’ and 1 ‘Batter’. To prepare 1 ‘Orange Icing ’ you need 3 Oranges and 1 butter. Butter in turn is prepared using 2 ‘Milk’.

Batter consumes 3 eggs and 1 ‘flour’ which require 4 Wheat to craft. Total requirement of this FarmVille2 Crafting is 20 ‘Milk’, 30 ‘Orange’, 30 ‘Egg’ and 40 ‘wheat’.

Reward:  20 XP and 400 FarmVille2 Coins

Final Stage –Fixed Feathers : Considering the 5 stage I find the final part of Quest bit easy, though it also need some crafting. You need to harvest 10 Apples which is time taking if you don’t have farmhands as Apple tree takes 4 hours to harvest and I wonder if anyone has 10 apple trees in his/her farm.

Well actually I had to harvest Apples more than 10 times to complete the crafting of 8 ‘Candy Apples’ because each crafting of candy apple has a requirement of 10 Apples and 3 Sugar.

Apart from harvesting Apples and Crafting Candy Apples, you need to perform 25 neighbor actions means visiting 5 FarmVIlle2 Friends which is not a challenge at all.

Phew final you are through and final Reward of completing this FarmVille2 Quest is 20 XP, 400 FarmVille2 Coins and a Turkey balloon. Well considering the efforts we have to put in to complete this FarmVIlle2 Quests, I do not find the final reward very rewarding, but it was fun. Let me know if you agree with me or not.

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