FarmVille2 Guide: Land Expansion requirements and rewards

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As you grow in Farmville2 game, you need to expand your FarmVille2 farms to hold your animals, trees and croplands and to finish quests early. There are in total 16 Farmland out of which 2 are clear for Farming at the beginning of the game and 1 is cleared while Marie is giving you walk-through of playing FarmVille2, rewarding you with a feed mill and a lemon tree.

Once you the see the sign board as given in the image, it indicate the Farmland is available is to expand which you can do by using the items and certain amount of FarmVille2 Coins. Few Farmlands are locked till you attain certain level of experience. After reaching the desired level you can expand farmlands by fulfilling requirement of various Items and certain amount of FarmVille2 Coins. If you don’t want to wait for collection of items you can get the expansion instantly by using FarmVille2 Bucks.

Once you fulfill the entire requirement to expand a farmland you will get to see the  signboard as given in the adjacent image, after which you have to click ‘expand’ for expansion.Now you notice that the “Expand” button will turn blue and you can click on it to call in Marie’s “landscaping service” to clear the land for you

I presume you have already finished the walk-through so we are providing a complete rundown of rest 13 of the expansions of FarmVille2.  These expansions may be locked until you reach a certain level or until you unlock an expansion that touches it. Let’s check them out:

In the image of complete FarmVille2 Farm given below, each farmland is marked with a number to identify exact area of expansion. The detail requirement and rewards of each numbered farmland is given below:


Farmland 1: This is the original farmland you start with in FarmVille2.

Farmland 2: This Farmland is expanded while Marie is giving you a walk-through of FarmVille 2 game and requires 175 FarmVille2 coins to expand. This unlocks a lemon tree and Feed Mill

Farmland 3 – The Family Well: This will unlock water well for which provides you +10 ‘water’ every four hour. Requirement of this farmland is given in the image below:

Farmland 4 –The Farmstead Kitchen: It will unlock the crafting kitchen to cook delicious recipes. To earn extra FarmVille2 Coins on your Farms Crops and animal products, you must know how to prepare recipes

Farmland 5 – West Meadow: You must reach level 5 before expanding this FarmVille2 farmland but don’t you worry reaching level five is quite an easy job. You will unlock cottontail rabbit which produces wool.

Farmland 6 – Milk Meadow:  you are eligible to expand this farmland once you reach level 11. You will unlock one Baby Long Horn Cow which produces Milk and Cheese and one Water Trough which increases animal population capacity of your FarmVille2 farm by +5. Requirement to expand is given in image below:

Farmland 7 – The Old Silo: To expand this farmland you must reach level 15. This farmland will unlock and give you one silo to hold additional 25 feed for your animals. Find the requirement of FarmVIlle2 coins and other items in the image given below:

Farmland 8 – Mango Gardens: It unlocks mango trees and one Ivy Trellis Arches which is a beautiful decoration for your FarmVille2 Farm. You should reach level 20 before expanding this farmland. The requirement of items and FarmVille2 coins is given in the image below:

Farmland 9 – Golden Chicken ColonyReach level 24 to expand this farmland. It will unlock Concrete Birdbath to decorate your farm and Cochin Chickens which produces white eggs. You must fulfill the below requirement to expand this farmland

Farmland 10 – Apricot Acres: You only need to reach level 10 to expand this farmland but you must have 750,000 FarmVille2 coins to clear the land. This expansion unlocks Apricot trees and Dinner Bell. Apart from this huge amount of FarmVille2 Coins you must fulfill the following requirement:

Farmland 11 – Camarillo Country: Till now this is the most expensive farmland in terms of FarmVille2 coins. It requires you to reach level 30 to before expanding and to clear the land you must have 1,000,000 FarmVille2 Coins, apart from fulfilling other requirements as given in the image below. Expanding this farmland will unlocks Camarillo Horses and Hitching Posts

Farmland 12 – Playground Patch: Requires XP level 34 to expand this farm land. Unlocks tire swings to decorate your Farm

Farmland 13 – East Woodlands: XP level 38 to unlocks this farm land and pine trees which produces logs for your farm

Farmland 14 – The Horse Wilds: Must reach XP level 43 to unlock this expansion. It also unlocks Appaloosa Horses which produces Horseshoe and Saddle and Flags for decoration

Farmland 15 – The Water Patch: Reach level 48 and it rewards you with extra well for additional water which gives you 10 units of water every 4 hours.

Farmland 16 – The Hog Wilds: Reach level 53 to expand this farmland. From this level onwards you cannot skip the crafting of items unless you reach the desired XP level. You will get another farmville 2 animal with this expansion.

Farmland 17 – The Date Orchard: Must reach level 58 to expand to this farmland. FarmVille 2 player will earn a Date Tree and a See-Saw

Farmland 18 – The Old Tree House: Reach level 63 to unlock this expansion and you will get your childhood tree house back.

Farmland 19 – The Old Watering Hole: must be at level 68 to expand this farmland. Good news is after so much waiting now farmville 2 players can have 6 water troughs in their farm. This will increase the capacity of animals by 5, so after this farmville 2 players can have total 50 farmville 2 animals in their farms

Please note that before expanding any farmland you must expand the adjacent farmland

After expansion of each farmland you might require to clear few debris and rocks before you can use the space they are currently occupying. To do this you need to collect objects and hire FarmVille 2 friends as Crew. By clearing each debris or rock you will be rewarded with Wood Planks, Fertilizers and Bricks.

If you do not have many active payers and know how to use farmville 2 cheats engine, you can clear the Rock and Wood by using FarmVille 2 cheats. Click here to know more.

Now you know how to expand and what are the requirement of each expansion, the rest is totally upto you! Grow more crops and trees, Craft third level of recipes to earn extra FarmVille2 Coins. Expand as soon as you can to grow your earnings.

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    Excellent guide for expansion thanks guys :)

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    thanx for the info, it doesnt feel worth it to spend so much time and effort for this… :(, i’m signing out…

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    Me too but I am so hooked to this game :)
    Very addicting game indeed..

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    dont loose heart guys that does helped me a lot…I have started collecting items, and preparing for crafting well in advance…keep the good work up

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nice Guide thanks

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    Where do I find the Cheat engine and does it work on a Mac??

    Thank you!

  8. Anonymous says:

    you can download cheat engine from here

    There are no free downloadable binaries for Mac right now

  9. priyanka says:

    I dont have enough farmbucks to buy expansion 12,13,14and to get it.any help?

  10. tracy says:

    I heard they will be releasing new cheat this week which will help you to buy any cash items for free :))

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    hack for please

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    I downloaded the cheat app, but when I logged on to my farmville account nothing, nada, I was still broke with out a farmville buck. Aint nobody got time for that

  13. Jini says:

    you ahve to enable it to generate farm bucks…link of guide is given in the mail having farmville 2 trainer

  14. hj says:

    something goes wrong i’m in 60 and i still don’t have farmland 16 what to do??

  15. Anonymous says:

    Jag har samma problem så svar önskas hur man gör för att få gården större

  16. serena says:

    i am in level 75.. i dont see expand farm for coins.add me plss7

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    franchement génial le top, je m’éclate! merci <3 <3

  18. Anonymous says:

    I am at level 62 and still not able to buy plot 16 for coins. I can only buy it for farm this game is a con. and this guide is fiction

  19. Susan says:

    I can’t expand without paying fv cash.On level 66 and it will not allow me to complete tasks for next expansion. Zyngas response basically pay – this expansion (Hog Wilds) is only available for fv cash.

  20. Barry Shea says:

    how do u use the cheat

  21. WILLIAM says:

    I am at level 79 and just about to level 80. I had no problem getting the expansions or any other farm need without any cheats or buying for real cash. If you have to cheat to get here, then you need to find another game to play. I play around 8 hours per day and 7 days a week so believe me I know what I am talking about. The game designers have things set so that you have to work at it to get them but all can be gotten. PATIENCE!

  22. Trish says:

    I wonder how many people have that much time on their hand and probably that’s why they cheat
    Zynga should make coin only game and find other way to monetize till then I think people will still try to cheat for the sake of convenience

  23. pauline says:

    i have been playing farmville 2 almost a year now and it’s getting hard now to get more land i think we all need farm bucks free or mark the land cheap for us some of us cant pay for the game with real money or download the cheat for the game i wish there is a other way thanks

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    mere ko level 60 he magar usake upar hak nahi ho paraha he koi help karo frds….

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