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In continuation of Thanksgiving celebration, FarmVille2 has introduced a quest where you have to gather your friends together on new Feast Table and celebrate Thanksgiving! Of course for a magnificent feast we need to Craft goods and invite FarmVille2 Friends, in return we earn beautiful Thanksgiving rewards!

If you are level 6 or above, upon entering FarmVille2 you will see a pop-up as shown below. Place the Feast table in your Farm before building it fully.

Collect the building material by asking your FarmVille2 friends to build your feast table. You can also purchase these items by paying farm bucks if you do not wish to wait.


Once you have the required items, click “Start Building” button. You need some help from your FarmVille2 Neighbors now to build your Feast Table fully. Feast Table requires 4 Builders, so you can request your FarmVille2 friends by clicking on the “Ask Friends” button. Click “Finish Building” button once 4 of your FarmVille2 Friends accept your request, and you will have fully build Feast Table in you Farm.

You are ready to invite your FarmVille2 friends for Thanksgiving meal, but before that you need to craft some delicious food for feast. You need to craft 4 Tomato Soup, 5 Strawberry Lemonade and 2 Apple Scones in you FarmVille2 Kitchen.

You can skip it by paying FarmVille 2 bucks, but recipes are not time taking if you have ingredients ready with you.Click ‘Finish Crafting’ once recepies are ready. Now it is time to invite your FarmVille2 Friends for the Thanksgiving feast. Click on the Feast table to invite FarmVille2 Friends.

“Ask Friends” to join you for Feast as you need 4 guests to begin your Feast. Once all 4 spots are filled, click “Feast” to begin the celebration.

Once feast is over you can “share rewards” with all your FarmVille2 Friends. You can host 5 Feasts and each Feast will earn you various rewards. You have the chance of earning following rewards each time you complete the feast.


  • Water
  • Energy
  • Baby Bottles
  • A completed pack of Hen House Eggs
  • Unwither
  • Salt
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Flour
  • Batter
  • Fertilizer
  • Pie Crust
  • Sugar
  • Red Eggs
  • Insta-Grow

You can host up to a total of 5 Feasts per Table and once you have finished your Final Feast, you will earn a special reward! You can have up to three Feast Table but you have to complete one at a time to have another in your Farm. You can get new Feast Table from General Store for 15000 coins.

Once you are done with all your Feasts you can keep the Tables in your Farm as decoration. Feast Tables can also be stored in the inventory.

You can play around with arrangement of Feast Tables to host bigger parties

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