farmville 2 valentines chocolates – farmville 2 cheats

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farmville 2 valentines chocolates – farmville 2 cheatsYesterday farmville 2 has released farmville 2 valentines chocolates. You are presented with a chocolate box and you need to taste chocolates for mystery gift and a cute farmville 2 animal as final reward. Unfortunately these farmville 2 valentines chocolates are not for free. The first taste of chocolate is free and thereafter one must pay farmville 2 bucks to buy tickets. With each ticket you can taste one farmville 2 valentines chocolate. The rewards include premium decorations and trees like redbud tree and sweetheart cottage. Other common rewards are farmville 2 baby bottles, power and water.

Unfortunately cost of each ticket to taste farmville 2 valentines chocolates is way too high. 1 ticket costs 10 farmville 2 cash. Not only this the consumables like 15 farmville 2 baby bottles which otherwise in generals store costs  just 13 farmville 2 cash is costing 40 farmville 2 bucks. Overheard couple of farmville 2 players saying farmville 2 valentines chocolates should have released on 1 April and not on 14 February. Taste chocolates to discover valuable mystery gifts in farmville 2 valentines chocolates.

farmville 2 valentines chocolates – farmville 2 cheats

Well the good news is, here we are bringing farmville 2 cheats to collect tickets for farmville 2 valentines chocolates.  So cheer up and use following farmville 2 cheats and taste as many chocolates as you wish because in farmville 2 valentines chocolates you can redeem the awards as may time as you wish. But before that I think many of our fellow players will need golden sweet apple tree so here is cheat code for it.

cheats for farmville 2 valentines chocolates

Farmville 2 cheats for golden sweet apple tree

farmville 2 cheats

Scan for: e_deco_animated_flag_expansion (Horsewilds Flag)

Change to: e_tree_fruit_apple_goldensweet

To collect tickets, first you must first change this tree to heirloom tree using pruning shears. Now use following cheat codes to collect tickets for farmville 2 valentines chocolates

Scan for: e_rare_tree_apple_goldensweet_heirloom
change to: e_rare_mysteryminigame_token_valentine

You need 25 tickets to taste all chocolates but here is a catch, do not redeem tickets until you collect all 25 tickets or you will not be able to collect tickets and game will start crashing. But if this occurs use following farmville 2 cheats to collect rest of valentines tickets.

Scan for: e_rare_crafted_cupcake_orange_heirloom

Change to: e_rare_mysteryminigame_token_valentine

If you wish to you can use above farmville 2 cheat to collect all valentines tickets. Once you have more than 25 farmville 2 valentines tickets, start redeeming the gifts and get final reward of baby platinum mini fainting goat.

farmville 2 valentines chocolates final reward

farmville 2 cheats platinum mini fainting goat

We suggest you to check out our trainer to get farmville2 cash. With this farmville 2 trainer you can fill your consumables like farmville 2 baby bottles and get farmville 2 animals. Check out the working video for farmville 2 trainer.

farmville 2 trainer for free farmville cash

 I hope you will like farmville 2 valentines chocolates and a free farmville 2 animal. We constantly try to bring latest farmville 2 cheats, tricks, tips, Guides and freebies to our players. So please do not forget to like our facebook page for upcoming updates by clicking here. Share this post of farmville 2 county fair legend with your other friends so that they can also benefit of these farmville 2 cheats.

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  1. gisele racine says:

    I do not agree with this cheat for Farmville 2 I believe its a game we must work on the game to get what we need and achieved goals for higher points and more , cheating is for people that have money and wants everything for no work
    lazyyyyyyyyyyy is the word
    but for people that do play the game we should have free gifts on special days like new years free water for the day that was very nice
    and if I decide to by Farmville 2 money than it should be our choice and not a choice made to cheats
    I could by games at the game store and play with unlimited lives without being connected to facebook

farmville 2 cheats 100% working farmville 2 cheats

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