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Finally as you all have noticed that Firefly Lantern is available on your farm. so now you could collect Fireflies and get amazing prizes. To catch Fireflies you need to feed your Prized & Adult Rabbits and making Firefly jars in the workshop.

Firefly Lantern - FarmVille 2


To get Firefly Lantern you have to complete level 9. In level 10 you will see the above pop-up. Here you will see a green button named “Place Firefly Lantern”. You have to click the green button and place the Firefly Lantern on your farm.

Steps for Building Firefly Lantern:

Fireflies are coming out of Hibernation. So you have to collect them in a special lantern. Collecting Fireflies will give you some benefits. When you will release these beautiful Fireflies, they will light up your farm. You will also get a bigger Crop Harvest Bonus for 24 hours.

You have to complete two steps for building Firefly Lantern.

  Firefly Lantern - FarmVille 2



First Step: Build Your Firefly Lantern!

In this step you have to complete two tasks. One is “Collect building materials” and another is “Start Building”. You will need the following 3 materials.

  1. Paper Lantern
  2. Firefly Nets
  3. Awls

For Paper Lantern you have to click “Post” button to post to your Facebook wall. You will get Paper Lantern when your friends click on the post or when you will click on a same newsfeed post. If you don’t want to do anything of these, then you have to buy 20 farm bucks.

For Firefly Nets and Awls you have to click “Ask” button to send requests to your neighbors/friends. Otherwise you have to buy 20 farm bucks for Firefly Nets and Awls.

After collecting all the items you will see the following pop-up. Here you have to click green button named “Start Building” to complete the first step.


Firefly Lantern - FarmVille 2


Second Step: Hire Builders!

In this step you will need help to your neighbors/friends to complete the task. Here you will need your 4 friends’ help. So you can use “Ask Friends” button to send crew requests to your neighbors/friends. When your neighbors/friends will accept your request, your Lantern building menu will start to fill. There have another option to get 4 neighbors/friends. You have to click “Hire One” button to add neighbors/friends to your Lantern building menu. After filling the Lantern building menu completely, you have to click the “Finish and Share” button to finish the second step.


Firefly Lantern - FarmVille 2


How to use Firefly Lantern:

Click on the Firefly Lantern to open the main menu. In this menu there will be 5 options. This menu shows how many Fireflies you have collected and what prizes you are currently eligible to redeem. The following image will help you to understand the menu and its options clearly.

  Firefly Lantern - FarmVille 2



  1. The total number of Fireflies you collected.
  2. You can redeem Fireflies for various Prizes by using this button. When you will have enough Fireflies to redeem the Prizes, then the buttons will turn into turquoise.
  3. You can collect Fireflies by crafting in the workshop. When you want to do that, you can use this button.
  4. This button is the number of Farm Bucks. You can buy Firefly and various Prizes by using this button.
  5. By using this button named “Post” you can ask your friends for Jars to catch Fireflies.


Steps to Collect Fireflies:

  1. Feeding Adult & Prized Rabbits: You can collect Fireflies by feeding your Adult & Prized Rabbits.


Firefly Lantern - FarmVille 2


After getting Fireflies, if you click on the Fireflies, it will show the following pop-up. When you will click the turquoise “Ok” button, a post will be created to your Facebook wall. If your friends click the post, they will get some free Fireflies.


Firefly Lantern - FarmVille 2


  1. Crafting: You can catch Fireflies by crafting Fireflies Jars in the workshop. There are two types of Jars. One is called “Jars of 2 Fireflies”. It consists of Small Glass Jars & Wool Bolt. Another is called “Jars of 3 Fireflies”. It consists of Large Glass Jars & Metal Sheet.



Firefly Lantern - FarmVille 2  

Firefly Lantern - FarmVille 2

Steps to Redeem Fireflies:

If you have enough Fireflies, you can redeem Fireflies for some amazing and helpful Prizes. There have 4 Prizes. They are-

  1. Firefly Jar Display (Require 20 Fireflies)
  2. Firefly Jar Fence (Require 30 Fireflies)
  3. White Willow Tree (Require 45 Fireflies)
  4. Brick Patio Firepit (Require 65 Fireflies)

There have also some rewards. They are-

Crop Harvest Bonus: If you harvest crop during “Dusk”, you will get a bigger Crop Harvest Bonus for 24 hours.
Firefly Lantern - FarmVille 2


Baby Black Angora Rabbit: When you have 160 Fireflies that means when you will be able to get 4 prizes at a time, then you will get a Baby Black Angora Rabbit.



Firefly Lantern - FarmVille 2
Note: The Baby Black Angora Rabbit can be redeemed for Fireflies or Farm Bucks more than once.


Some additional Information:

1. In FarmVille 2 for one Farm there is going to be only one Firefly Lantern.

2. Take your cursor over the Lantern so that you can see how much time you have to collect the Firefly Lantern prizes.

3. If you can’t collect all the Firefly Lantern Prizes within first 21 days, then the prizes will disappear and you won’t be able to claim later on.

4. Firefly Lantern will be stored in your catalog if you don’t want to use the Firefly Lantern feature.

5. You have to find Fireflies on your own Farm. You can’t get them from friends’ Farm.


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