Farmville 2 Strategies For Effective Game Play

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Farmville 2 Strategies For Effective Game Play

The process of signing up as a new player in the game Farmville 2 entails gradually improving your farm by frequently participating and playing the game. The speed with which you advance depends with the frequency with which you play the game.

The general basics of the game

The basics of the game comprise of refillable resources namely; power, feed fertilizer and water. These resources are refilled overtime as one plays the game. These means that the frequency with which one plays determines ones progress in the game and the more you play the more resources you have at your disposal.

Determination of progress in the game

Since the game entails cultivation the growth and development of the crops will be a key indicator of a player’s progress. The time intervals between successive logins would signify the natural period required from one farming activity to another on a given crop. It therefore follows that the higher the frequency of logins the higher the number of farming activities to boost growth and thus the more the progress in the game. This method is however not the best measure of progress.

The method is not preferable because successive logins could be due to other factors that may influence a player to login numerous times. These factors include gaining experience, income in form of coins and resources such as fertilizer and power that a player acquires while playing frequently. Other reasons can include the need to utilize the power that keeps refilling to improve productivity, harvesting of produce immediately they are ready and tending to the animals whose requirements are more frequent than those of crops.

Important points to consider while playing the game

The following points are critical and as a player you should note them as they will guide you on how to progress fast and with ease. These points if well followed would easily make one a veteran player.

  1. Plan ahead of every level you enter

While progressing in the game you go through grouped levels you will be pursuing various missions gradually. All missions are named and indicated in small label below the basic explanation of the mission in hand.

The process adopted in pointing out a mission and its objectives is similar in all missions. This is necessary because every time you are selecting a mission there are the missions hints and objectives that you will be expected to accomplish. Understanding the mission’s hints and objectives will be necessary to avoid time wastage in the mission to increase efficiency in carrying out the mission. As a player you should train yourself to always refer to the requirements of a given mission in the Mission Listings Section in this guide. This will help you in understanding the various resources required in the mission and thus enable you plan on acquiring them. Having the understanding of the required resources before commencing a mission will provide you will ample time to grow, harvest, make request or otherwise on timely basis. You will also have the required resources at your disposal thus utilizing them promptly with no time wastage. In essence what this means is that the first thing you should do after selecting a mission is to enquire about the required resources and objectives of that particular mission at the List Section to determine the materials, resources, or other particulars items specific to the mission in order to enable their acquisition beforehand so as to save on effort and time that would be wasted in searching for them while in the mission.

  1. Involving and networking with friends

An important strategy to playing this gaming effectively is involving friends and engaging them to work to your advantage. A symbiosis nature of friendship would enable you as a player scale the heights of this game. The designer of the game had the friendship factor in devising this game so that they included in the structure of the game a mechanism that would allow players to include other players who are not their friends on face book but are deemed to be helpful to their neighbors list to boost the support received from having numerous friends.

The neighbor connection was basically established to work to the advantage of players of Farmville 2, who had a low number of their friends playing Farmville so that they would not be disadvantaged and would thus have a competitive edge in the game. the neighbor connection system entailed having your neighbors work to your advantage by helping you attain your objectives which could be stimulated by helping them out with some of their activities so that they in turn return the favor.

The neighbor connection system works by allowing a player to visit his neighbors farm and also allowing the neighbors to visit the players farm. The visitations gives a choice to the visiting individual of helping their hosts in any of the various farm activities which include either fertilizing, harvesting, watering the crops, feeding livestock or even activating the various objects in the farm which in turn generate coins.

The game however leaves the dispensation of the help offered by the neighbors to the owner of the farm. This means that the owner has the ability to apply the help offered by the neighbors where they deem appropriate. This means that a player can hold on to help offered by a neighbor without applied it on the farm for as long as they deem appropriate. For example, considering a player who is on a mission of dealing with crops, there are various ways in which their neighbors can help including, planting, fertilizing, watering the crops and harvesting among others. The player has the option of applying the offered help where he deems most appropriate. Before applying the help the player needs to consider the time limits for all the activities and the impact of the help on each activity. For an example, planting and harvesting are not limited by availability of resources significantly. The player can therefore do these activities by himself without applying the neighbors help. However, watering of crops is limited by the wells to a given number say 30 crops per well. This means that at every instance a player can only water 30 crops then wait for the wells to refill. On the other hand the more a player waters his crops the higher the rate of progress. In this case therefore it would be advisable to apply the help offered by the neighbors to watering the crops since the player will be able to water a larger number of crops per given login instance. Another alternative use of the help from neighbors is by using it to accelerate the crops growth. In this case the player plants, waters and fertilizes new crops in the farm after which the player activates the neighbors help. This feature makes the crops grow instantly and as a result the player can harvest them immediately thus saving on the time required normally in completing the entire cycle up to harvesting.

  1. Utilizing Farm Helpers

The game is developed to avail to a player more assistance from individuals other than the visiting neighbors known as the farm helpers. The farm helpers appear at bottom right side of the screen sitting on hay bales. The player has the obligation to request them to volunteer their services to his farm as farm helpers. Upon request, the farm helpers can give to the request and offer their help to the player’s advantage. The player has to make numerous requests to as many farm helpers as possible to ensure that the number that heeds to his request is substantial enough to give the player a continuous supply of help daily.

The help offered by the farm helpers is similar to the help offered by the visiting neighbors but slightly different in that unlike with the help of neighbors which is limited to be only used in the grid square or resource that they opt for their five daily helper actions on, the four actions that a farm helper can offer to you can be applicable on any crop grid that the player wishes.

To boost your progress you should utilize all the help offered by the neighbors and the farm helpers always.

  1. Utilizing the Speed Feeding System

The speed feeding system becomes available to a player upon reaching level 9 in the game. This element which is a new development to the game is available to the player after successfully completing all the steps of mastering a given animal and achieving the objectives in the related missions in the game. Upon obtaining an Animal Mastery Ribbon the system allows the player to use the Special Feed System. Animal mastery is similar to crop mastery in that each feeding in animal mastery is equivalent to a harvest in crop mastery. a significant difference however arises in the totals projected per level which can be substantially high for animals as compared to crops. The bottom-line is that in every Animal Mastery Ribbon that is unlocked the player receives a good number of Speed Feeding Bags which can be held and used a point deemed most appropriate in facilitating the completion of the challenge requiring a given number of feedings for a given animal. The special speed feeding bags is advantageous to the player in a number of ways. Firstly, the player can feed them to any animal of their choice. Secondly, the player can feed them to the animals at any point in time since they don’t necessarily required a hunger indicator on the animals head and thirdly, the player gets double mastery points on using the speed feeding which in turn means that the player unlocks mastery ribbons more rapidly. Another advantage of having the mastery ribbons is that they generate more resources when harvested both for the normal feeding and the speed feeding.

  1. Forming Teams with Neighbors

Teams are necessary in the game to ensure optimal utilization of resources. If players work individually, then they tend to focus on maximizing individual benefits and as a result they may end up cultivating more trees than the available resources can sustain. This thus creates immense pressure on the resources leading to acute shortage of resources. This can pose a serious challenge to a player as an individual. One way of addressing this challenge is adding in extra sessions daily so that the sessions can be used to utilize the time based refilling of resources to leverage the shortage arising from high number of trees. This method is not efficient since it results to wastage of time and resources that could have been used for other valuable activities. This calls for an alternative method which entails colluding with your neighbors. In this strategy the players utilize the activities already available and assign a given number of units to each and every neighbor and as a result each player cultivates the optimal number of trees.

Ample communication with the neighbors is necessary for this tactic to work. In this strategy each neighbor has five ways in which they can help a player in his farm. The players thus requires to request each of the neighbors to use each of the five ways on the same set of resource items daily, that is one neighbor uses his five chances of help of one particular type of tree and the next neighbor does the same on another type of tree and so on. The neighbors in turn assign to you specifics targets that you will use your help on so that they also benefit. In the long run the initial limitations are overcome and at the same time the player benefits.

  1. Leveling your farm

Leveling your farm is quite a significant hint to immense progress due to its substantial advantages. Firstly, leveling instantaneously matures any crops in the farm to fully grown state, secondly, all the animals hunger status is fully reset and thirdly, the trees in the farm are caused to assume a fully grown state. This means that the player can make an immediate harvest on all of them.

Players should always try and ensure that upon completion of each level a large number of the planted crops is left in a grown state as much as possible and with the trees well watered and as grown as possible. The player should also try to leave the animals well fed. If the player fulfils these conditions at the end of each level he stands a chance to use the leveling to achieve an extra full harvest on to the next level which in turns earns him extra XP, resources, and coins.

  1. Applying Tactical Playing Habits

Wise moves are crucial to any game. A wise player will always utilize his visits to his neighbors’ farms and use his five helps available to them in the neighbors’ farms. This creates a good relationship of mutual consent and understanding thus increases chances of benefitting from the neighbors. In this way the player motivates and encourages the neighbors to return the favor and thus visit your farm to help. In this way a player increases his rate of progressing to the next level. It is unlikely that your neighbors will visit your farm if you fail to visit theirs. It is however necessary to apply the neighbors five helps in the most valuable means. Utilizing the helps in the wrong stage will not make a player a veteran. It is also wise to use your helps in way that benefit you’re your neighbors maximally.

It is also important to consider the order of priority while applying the helps offered by the neighbors. The player has to consider the order in which maximum benefits will be acquired upon application of the neighbors’ help in the farm. For example using the helps on crops, trees and then on animals in that order would be more beneficial. It is also important to try to refrain from actions that might impact negatively on you by sending wrong signals to the neighbors. A good player should ensure that a good relation is maintained always as opposed to bad habits that may include actions that might depict you as egocentric or self centered as it will make your neighbors think you care less about them. The result will be that they will minimize their help towards you.

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