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ski mount leghorn questSnow is all around and in farmville 2 and nothing would be better than having ice carving station in farmville 2. Another quest ‘ski mount leghorn quest’ is going to release with release of farmville 2 ice carving station. In this farmville 2 quest we are helping Gus to bring winter joy to local kids. As always, our guide includes all the items that will be required to complete tasks.

ski mount leghorn quest mission 1:  Ski Time!

It’s time for skiing! I promised some of the local kids I’d take them up on the slopes!

  • Place 1 Ice Carving Table on your Farm (expected date of release is 2 January 2014)
  • Harvest 10 Delicata Squash (Look for this new crop on or around December 30, 2013)
  • Feed 2 Adult Sheep

ski mount leghorn quest mission 2:  Warm the Noggin

These kids deserve a great ski trip, with all the right gear!

  • Collect 5 Ski Helmets (Post to Game Feed)
  • Feed 3 Adult Goats
  • Make 1 Swiss Cheese Loaf (Craft in Kitchen)

ski mount leghorn quest mission 3:  Being Neighborly

I think helping friends is really what FarmVille is all about!

  • Use 3 Farmhands
  • Do 10 Helpful Neighbor actions
  • Make 2 Apple Scones (Craft in Kitchen)

ski mount leghorn quest mission 4: Goggle It

Everyone will need goggles, but a few kids don’t have any

  • Collect 5 glare-cutting Ski Goggles (Post to Game Feed)
  • Harvest 10  Blueberries
  • Make 2 Blueberry Tarts (Craft in Kitchen)

ski mount leghorn quest mission 5:  Cooped Up

If we bring plenty of eggs up to the ski lodge, I can make omelets for everyone!

  • Tend your Chicken Coop 2 times
  • Feed 4 Adult Chickens
  • Make 2 Crates of Eggs (Craft in Kitchen)

ski mount leghorn quest mission 6:  Time for Reflection

Each group should have a signal mirror, in case they get lost or in trouble

  • Tend your Sheep Shack 2 times
  • Harvest 4 Pine or Heirloom Pine Trees
  • Make 2 Hand Mirrors or Heirloom Hand Mirrors (Craft in the Workshop)

ski mount leghorn quest mission 7:  Jacket Up!

Some of the kids don’t have warm jackets. I’m sure we can come up with a few!

  • Collect 5 Warm Ski Jackets (Post to Game Feed)
  • Feed 6 Adult Sheep
  • Make 2 Produce Totes (Craft in the Workshop)

ski mount leghorn quest mission 8:  Fill in the Blanket

There’s only one more thing. We need blankets for after we’re done skiing, to warm up!

  • Tend your Rabbit Warren 2 times
  • Feed 4 Buffalo
  • Make 3 Soft Fur Blankets (Craft in the Workshop)

You will need following items to collect to complete this quest.

farmville 2 cheats for ski helmet

farmville 2 cheats for ski helmet

scan for: e_deco_mudpatch (Mud Patch)

change to: e_viral_hat_ski

farmville 2 cheats for ski goggles

farmville 2 cheats for ski goggles

scan for: e_deco_woodpile_log (Pile of Logs)

change to: e_viral_goggles_ski

farmville 2 cheats for ski jacket

farmville 2 cheats for ski jacket

scan for: e_deco_shrub_round (Scrubby Shrub)

change to: e_viral_jacket_ski

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