FarmVille 2 Quest Guide: Third Week of Horse Month Quest

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Hey Mates,

We assume everyone is through with FarmVille 2 quest ‘Second Week of Horse Month’ and must be proudly wearing Cowboy/Cowgirl Hat. Well rest of outfit of avatar is yet to come so you should prepare early to complete Third Week of horse Month by collecting items for it. You can collect these items well in advance by using FarmVille 2 cheats for items and ingredients require Horse month Quest. Click here to for FarmVille 2 cheat codes for items of Horse Month Quest. Here you can have a sneak peak of rest of outfit you gonna have a reward after completing Horse Month Quest.


Following is FarmVille 2 Quest Guide for Third week of Horse Month Quest so you can prepare early. Collect items and ingredients using FarmVille 2 cheats so you can finish Third Week of Horse Month Quest Quickly

FarmVille 2 Quest Mission 1: On the right track

I can’t believe the progress you’ve made with this horse. Let’s keep it up

  • Collect 7 horse bits to help guide
  • Make 4 Swiss cheese loaves, because…okay I really like them
  • Use the Horseshoe Press 5 times to keep your horse happy

FarmVille 2 Quest Mission 2: Healthy and Happy

Keeping your horses healthy and happy is never easy

  • Make 1 vitamin mix so they grow big and strong
  • Grind 50 feed to keep your animals plump and peppy
  • Water 2 groves for a nice shady refuge

FarmVille 2 Quest Mission 3: Say Cheese

This mare seems to have a soft spot for goats…maybe we should have more around

  • Make 1 Salt Treat to share with goat and horse alike
  • Tend the goat shelter 2 times to keep your prized goats happy and healthy
  • Tend the Yogurt Creamery 2 times to use those milk drops

FarmVille 2 Quest Mission 4: Goat Mischief

Don’t let any misbehaving goats set a bad example

  • Make 6 goat tarts to show how useful goats can be
  • Make 4 pointy garden fences to make a nice goat yard
  • Train 1 goat in your goat nursery

And as Mission 4 clearly indicates that we are going to have farmville 2 goat nursery next week. We will be coming up with details and farmville 2 cheats of farmville 2 Goat Nursery very soon.

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