FarmVille 2 Quest Guide: Nanny for Nannies Quest

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Goat Nursery is released FarmVille 2 and along with Goat Nursery and new timed Nanny for Nannies Quest is also launched with it. ‘Nanny for Nannies’ Quest has 8 missions to complete. Following are the tasks which need to be completed to earn FarmVille 2 Coins and XP. Along with tasks we have also given FarmVille 2 cheats for items required for finishing these missions.

FarmVille 2 Nanny for Nannies Quest Mission 1: Goat Grades

  • Place Goat Nursery in your Farm
  • Make any 3 Pies
  • Harvest 12 Wheat

Nanny for Nannies Quest Mission 2: School’s in Session

  • Collect 5 wax apples.
  • Visit Barbara’s farm and do 10 actions
  • Make 1 Glass Good Luck Charm

Nanny for Nannies Quest Mission 3: Classroom Management

  • Harvest 4 Olive Trees.
  • Tend your Goat Shelter 2 times
  • Feed 1 Baby Goat in your Goat Nursery.

Nanny for Nannies Quest Mission 4: Correction!

  • Collect 5 blackboard eraser.
  • Make 2 Iced Fig Cakes.
  • Play with Baby Goat in your Goat Nursery 1 time.

Nanny for Nannies Quest Mission 5: Recess

  • Groom 1 Baby Goat in your Goat Nursery.
  • Make 3 Cornbread.
  • Fertilize 40 Oats.

Nanny for Nannies Quest Mission 6: Home Economics

  • Make 2 Iced Fig Cake.
  • Tend your well 5 times.
  • Harvest 30 Strawberries.

Nanny for Nannies Quest Mission 7: Pop Quiz

  • Collect 5 #2 Pencils!
  • Make 4 Plain Soap.
  • Tend your Sheep Shack 1 time.

Nanny for Nannies Quest Mission 8: Graduation Day

  • Harvest 45 Oats
  • Feed 1 Nursery-graduated Goat.
  • Make 4 Pink Pig Toys.


Following are the FarmVille 2 cheats for completing Nanny for Nannies Quest


FarmVille 2 Cheats for Wax Apple


Scan for: e_deco_bench_wood (Weathered Wood Bench)

Change to: e_viral_wax_apple

FarmVille 2 Cheats for BlackBoard Eraser


Scan for: e_deco_axeinstump_generic (Chopping Block)

Change to: e_viral_eraser_blackboard

FarmVille 2 Cheat for #2 Pencil


Scan for:  e_deco_wagonwheel_planted(Pioneer Wagon Wheel)

Change to: e_viral_pencil_number_two

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    May I ask, is there a way to speed up the country fair? When I’ve got enough points for the next medal, It’s kind of annoying having to wait for it to go on..

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