FarmVille 2 Quest Guide: If the Shoes Fits Quest

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In our previous post we informed about another building ‘Horseshoe Press’ which is going to be release in farmville 2 very soon. With release of farmville 2 horseshoe press, player will have a chance to earn another beautiful farmville 2 horse as reward. That too as many as they can. With this farmville 2 is also releasing a 8 mission timed farmville 2 quest ‘If the Shoes Fits’. Following is the pre release text farmville 2 guide for ‘If the Shoes Fits’ Quest so you can prepare early. Just after this we are going to release farmville 2 cheats for items required to complete ‘If the Shoes Fits’ quest and to build farmville 2 Horseshoe Press

FarmVille 2 Quest Mission 1: Right sizing

I have shoe problems too! I’ll bet you can’t guess who they’re for!

  • You better place that horseshoe press for marie on your farm
  • Feed 2 adult horses to get the horseshoes you need for Marie
  • Harvest 25 blueberries to snack on while you sort those horseshoes

FarmVille 2 Quest Mission 2: To Ruler them all

Sneakily measuring Barbar’s feet won’t be easy. She’s quite attacked to them.

  • Collect 5 rulers. We can leave them on the floor until she puts her foot next to one
  • Those 3 adult sheep look hungry. Better feed them before they eat the rulers
  • Make 1 produce tote to carry all those rulers around


FarmVille 2 Quest Mission 3: Feet by the Foot

Let’s not waste time while we’re waiting. Yhat’s not efficent.

  • Harvest 4 lemon trees. I think we can find a use for some lemons.
  • Harvest 25 sweet watermelons. It’s a big treat in the summer.
  • Make 8 watermelon lemonade to make best use of those sweet watermelons!

FarmVille 2 Quest Mission 4: Slip Sliding

I know! If I can get Barbara’s foot print, I can measure it

  • Collect 5 plaster to capture Barbara’s footprint
  • Feed 4 adult pigs to get some mud. Mud will hold a good footprint.
  • Make 5 pottery slips. I’ll spread that around too

FarmVille 2 Quest Mission 5: The Cleaner

Barbara was upset about the mud I spread around. Now I have to clean it up.

  • Tend your spinning wheel 2 times to gather yarn
  • Tend 4 wells, I’ll need water to wash that mud off the porch
  • Make 2 blue handkerchiefs to finish cleaning the last few things

FarmVille 2 Quest Mission 6: Press Your Luck

Barbara’s new shoes will be delivered soon., but I need something to tie around the box.

  • Use the horseshoe press 4 times and show me how it works
  • Harvest 15 strawberries. The reddest ones
  • Make 2 red yarn spindles to wrap around the gift box

FarmVille 2 Quest Mission 7: Boxing Days

The shoes were delivered in a plain box. I need something nicer for Barbara’

  • Collect 5 fancy shoe boxes and we’ll see which one best fits these nice shoes
  • Make 2 hand mirrors so Barbara can see what her new shoes look like
  • Make 2 angel food cakes, I think we deserve a treat after all this work

FarmVille 2 Quest Mission 8: One foot in front of the other

Let’s get some work done on that Horseshoe Press of Yours

  • Feed 4 adult cows. I think they’re getting jealous of the horses
  • Feed 4 adult horses of your own and gather horseshoes
  • Use the horseshoe press 8 times. Practise makes perfect.

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