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Finally after announcement of changes in October and lot of speculation, FarmVille 2 has updated the role of prized animals in your farm.

Earlier in FarmVille 2, animals eventually get mature and become prize-winning blue ribbon ‘Prized animals’ after feeding for a while. Every animal had a life cycle for producing goods like Eggs, Milk, Cheese, wool etc. The idea behind was to reward FarmVille 2 players with some extra XP and coins without feeding animals and to encourage players to spend FarmVille 2 coins to get new animals. Idea was perfect except one hitch – they were counted in population limit of animals’ thus holding back FarmVille 2 players to have more. But for FarmVille 2 Players including me, who love to play FarmVille 2 game for long hours every day does not find this idea appealing and stopped feeding animals to keep them ‘Non-prized animals’ for quests.

Considering the concern of FarmVille 2 players who prefer their animals to produce goods as opposed to take them to fair, FarmVille 2 has come up with new concept of animals. Now at the time of tending you have to feed prized animals to produce Premium goods and XP instead of FarmVille 2 Coins and XP. Below is a list of the new   Premium Resources available in game.

  • Horses – Fine Saddles having selling price of 250 FarmVille 2 Coins (Note: All existing saddles in the game have been turned into Fine Saddles)
  • Cows – Swiss Cheese having selling price of 160 FarmVille 2 Coins
  • Goats – Goat Cheese having selling price of 100 FarmVille 2 Coins
  • Chickens – Brown Eggs having selling price of 90 FarmVille 2 Coins
  • Rabbits – Fine Wool having selling price of 150 FarmVille 2 Coins
  • Sheep – Fine Fleece having selling price of 150 FarmVille 2 Coins
  • Reindeers – Antler having selling price of 60 FarmVille 2 Coins
  • Turkeys – White Feathers having selling price of 120 FarmVille 2 Coins

With inclusion of Premium Goods like Brown Eggs, Goat Cheese, Swiss Cheese FarmVille 2 has also brought in three new recipes in your Kitchen. Not only that, FarmVille 2 has also included demand of new recipes in ‘Village Grocer Order’, which I feel is little unfair on part of players not having prized animals.

FarmVille 2 has done some changes in General Store also. Now everything you need to know about an Animal is listed in the General Store. Simply place your cursor over a Market Card to view important details.


This icon indicates you how much feed an animal needs to eat every time it is hungry. Animals that require more feed tend to produce more Resources, so they do pay off generously!


How long it takes for the Animal to become hungry. In the example above, the Black Arabian Horse will need to be fed every 18 hour.


The Adult/Prized sections of the Market Card


Primary resource adult animal will produce when fed along with selling price of the product


Primary resource Prized animal will produce when fed along with selling price of product


The Amount of XP, Bonus Fertilizer and secondary resources you will receive when feeding your Adult Animal.


The Amount of XP you will earn when you fed prized animal


Number of baby bottles animal will drink to become adult


The number of feedings it will take for your animal to become Prized.

Additional Information:

  • Harvest time for some of Adult Animals have changed as below:

(i)  Except Andalusian Horse feeding time of all horses is 18 hours. For Andalusian Horse feeding time is 8 hours.

(ii)  Now feeding time of all cows is 3 hours.

  • Adult animals no longer produce ‘rare’ resources. All resources displayed in the ‘adult’ section of an Animal’s Market Card is a 100% guaranteed drop rate.
  • Prized Animals now require feed.
  • All prized animals will be hungry for feed every 18 hours.
  • You can distinguish Prized Animals by the Blue Medal present in the thought bubble over their head .
  • All animals which cost FarmVille 2 Bucks instead of FarmVille 2 Coins will produce twice the resources.

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6 Responses to “FarmVille 2 prized animals Guide”

  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks guys Nice guide : )

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks you I like your water hack when u are releasing u’r next trainer

  3. Anonymous says:

    With this update now I can’t complete “Fair Fare” quest of “Chicken Chicanery”, as I can not “tend priced chickens 3 times to show them off”. Is there anyway to get around this?

  4. Chris says:

    There is no time limit for claiming boseuns from your friends’ feeds in , but there is a limited amount of boseuns that can be claimed. For example, when a friend finds a golden egg, there are three that can be claimed.

  5. AnnieB says:

    Do blue ribbon animals become prized? Is there any point in keeping animals once they get blue ribbon status?

  6. thomas says:

    Nice guide, it would be better if you had the selling price of a prized animal. I’m looking for the sales price of prized rabbits.

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