FarmVille 2 – Makeover of FarmVille

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Farmville deserve its recognition for playing major role in revolutionizing social gaming. It is one of early games on face book to capture a mass audience. One can easily measure the success with fact that even after three years FarmVille continues to attract around 3 million players daily.

I remember FramVille Players were so passionate they would set their alarm clock to harvest crop before they rot. FarmVille 2 has interdependency in actions; means without one other is not possible. You need water to grow crops and fertilizers for better production of crops. To get fertilizers and milk you should have cows and you have to feed chicken, cows and other animals for egg, milk etc.

The entire game is having 3D visuals, making Your Farm lively where animated animals will respond to your presence and touch. Navigation is lot better than FarmVille making the game far less tedious to play.

First thing first, the players of FarmVille have to play FarmVIlle2 from scratch, which I feel is good for the spirit of game.

In place of “energy”, Farmville 2 introduces a slightly more player friendly “Water” for certain important actions. In the beginning, limit of water supply is 30 units and player can increase limit by completing various building projects found in land expansion.

Another feature to hire friends as farmhands is very interesting.  In this friends can drop by and can be assigned various tasks like fertilizing crops and feeding animals around the Farm. This allows players to use friends even if they are not playing FarmVille 2 actively and don’t have to wait for your friends to log in to visit and help you out. Of course many buildings need your friends’ cooperation to complete.

Another new feature which I find interesting is that at end of each level, all crops will grow to full instantly. If strategize properly, player can grow time taking crops early which is a big bonus.

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