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Farmville 2 Ice Carving Table

Howdy Farmers, Another new release coming up for farmville 2 Ice Sculpture guide to test your artistic side on your farms, this time you get chance to sculpt the ice away for this upcoming feature Farmville 2 Ice Sculpture. This will be a new feature which will be launched soon in farmville 2 . We have tried to put together early preview for you by gathering as much as information we could. One of the interesting feature will be that we all will get chance to build Farmville 2 Ice Carving Table. you can take help of your  neighbors and friends to build this Ice Carving Table. Once you have built this table then you could start colleting materials t start crafting. We all get chance to carve our own unique masterpieces using this table.

No feature preview is complete with the actual pictures so we have tried to collect some early preview pictures of this feature so here are some of the pictures of this awesome feature :

You could build the farmville 2 Ice Carving Table by start collecting these parts.

farmville 2 cheats Ice Carving Table Materials

so you need these items , Ice Chisels and  Ice Saw with Pair of Ice Tongs to start building this table


farmville 2 cheats Ice Carving Table

Once you collect all these materials and help then you could complete this table and start carving to test your artistic skills :)


get farmville 2 Ice Carving Table

You could win five rewards in total

get farmville 2 Ice Carving Table Rewards

Here is picture of your final reward Blue Grey Cow

farmville 2 Blue Grey Cow


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