farmville 2 cheats for farmville 2 ice box

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cheats for farmville 2 ice boxAwesome, your crafted goods are in demand! You can now freeze them for towns beyond farmville! Freeze enough goods in ice boxes and Cornelius will give you a Bagot goat! Go check out the frozen goods shanty to start freezing. With frozen goods shanty you need to frozen goods build Ice box to freeze goods and collect frozen orders. We have already provided details for frozen goods shanty. Click here if you wish to get more details of frozen goods shanty. Once your frozen goods shanty is ready, you will get two frozen goods ice boxes ready to start preparing frozen goods. Players will have a provision to build four more farmville 2 ice box .farmville 2 is releasing frozen goods shanty tomorrow for all so start preparing and get a chance to earn a beautiful farmville 2 animal. Following are requirement and farmville 2 cheats to build these farmville 2 ice box .

farmville 2 ice box requirement

farmville 2 cheats for ice picks

scan for: e_deco_bugzapper_generic (bug zapper)

change to: e_rare_buildable_icepick

farmville 2 cheats for ice boxes

scan for: e_deco_butterchurn_wood (Butter Churn)

change to: e_rare_buildable_icebox

farmville 2 cheat for green tin sheets

scan for: e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green (Verdant Breath Kite)

change to: e_rare_buildable_tin_sheets_green

farmville 2 cheat for tin hinges

scan for: e_deco_winebottles_stacked (Winebottles Spread)

change to: e_rare_buildable_hinge_tin

farmville 2 cheats for ice hammers

scan for: e_deco_hitchingpost_generic (Hitching Post)

change to: e_rare_buildable_hammer_ice

farmville 2 cheats for ice saws

scan for: e_deco_bugzapper_generic (bug zapper)

change to: e_rare_buildable_saw_ice

farmville 2 cheat for pickaxes

cheat codes for

scan for: e_deco_animated_rockinghorse (Wood Rocking Horse)

change to: e_rare_buildable_pickaxe_ice

farmville 2 cheat for hemp ropes

scan for: e_deco_winebottles_stacked (Winebottles Spread)

change to: e_rare_buildable_rope_hemp

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