FarmVille 2 Guide : Village Grocer Quest Guide

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Hey, Farmers!

To uphold excitement before Christmas, FarmVille 2 has introduced a new timed quest. I am sure this FarmVille 2 quest is going to be more rewarding than any previous quest. Mr.Cornelius is going to visit your FarmVille 2 Farm to but his truck is going to break down just outside your Farm. Before helping him for his order of the day you need to help him repair his truck. This is part of quest is simple and all you need is active FarmVille 2 neighbors

It’s a 14 days quest but I am sure most of FarmVille 2 players will complete it in 1-day itself.


Following is the quest you needed to complete to get the reward and future visits of Cornelius :

To check the items needed for fixing Cornelius truck, click on the truck outside your Farm and send ask to your FarmVille 2 Friends to collect the items. If you do not wish to wait you can skip by using FarmVille 2 Bucks, while you wait for your friends to respond to your request. For lemonade you only need lemon and water. So before Crafting 6 Lemonades, you can seek your FarmVille 2 friends you send you Traffic Cones

Each ‘Lemonade’ needs 6 Lemons and 1 unit of water so in total you will need 36 Lemons and 6 units of water to complete this task.

Meanwhile you can check how much items you have collected to repair the Grocer’s Truck. Once you collect below items, you can click on “Start Repairing” to repair the truck

Note: You can send a request for materials to your Friends every 18 hours So I suggest to “Ask” FarmVille 2 Friends who are online.

Once you have collected the items and you have started repairing, you need four of your FarmVille 2 neighbors as Mechanics to finish repairing of Grocer’s truck. Send request to your FarmVille 2 Friends, and once all 4 spots of mechanics are filled you can finish repairing

Once all tasks are complete you will enjoy reward of +40 XP and 2500 FarmVille 2 coins.

Partnership with Village Grocer: 

Mr. Cornelius is going to visit you daily with new orders which will vary from raw product to crafted goods. You can check the demand by clicking the wood sign board to the left of Market Stand. In the menu you will know the demand and points which you will earn for each supply of item.

The demand will vary from player to player for which you will earn points to redeem and If you complete all three orders in a day, you will earn bonus Grocer Points.

Completing Orders

To complete an order, you need to collect and sell the needed number of demand in your Market Stand. Whenever Mr. Cornelius has open orders for you, the wooden sign next to your Market Stand will have an orange Grocer Stand present.

Click the Market Stand icon in the top right of the Village Grocer Menu to navigate to the Market Stand. Here you can view how many ingredients you’ve already produced and mouse-over each one to view how many more is needed to sell and complete your Order.

If you place your cursor over the wood sign, you’ll see the Produce Order countdown timer which indicates how long you have left to complete that day’s order. If you aren’t able to fill an order on a particular day, don’t worry! Since Cornelius will be back every 24 hours, you can complete daily orders on your own schedule.

When you complete an order, you will see a pop-up that shows how many Grocer Points you have earned and gives you an opportunity to share rewards with your friends!
Earning Grocer Points

Grocer Points are your key to earning rewards. The more points you collect, the more prizes you will win. As mentioned earlier in the guide, the Village Grocer Menu indicates how many points you can earn by fulfilling an order. If you complete all three orders in a day, you will earn bonus Grocer Points.
Once you have collected enough points to earn a reward, you will see a pop-up that shows your new item.

Grocer Rewards

The blue bar on the right side of the Grocer Menu shows how many Grocer Points you need to earn to get your next reward. Click the yellow “View Rewards” button below the meter to view the Rewards Menu.

The Rewards Menu shows the prizes you have already earned and what reward you are working towards. If you collect all 8 rewards, you will get a special bonus prize!
Additional Information:

  • If you cannot complete the Grocer Tasks (fixing the truck) within the time limit, you will have access to the rest of the feature once the quest expires.
  • If you click on the wooden sign when no order is available from Cornelius, the Reward Menu will appear instead of the Grocer Menu.

We hope you enjoy latest FarmVille 2 release and we love to hear your first orders from Mr. Cornelius. Please comment if you have any thoughts or opinions you would like to share about this feature!

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27 Responses to “FarmVille 2 Guide : Village Grocer Quest Guide”

  1. Anonymous says:

    my gudness i dont know how to use the cheat engine :( huhuhu

  2. sammy says:

    MY first order was:
    Order 1; sell:
    4 Wool
    2 Blueberry Custard
    8 Onions

    Reward: Mosaic bench

  3. YRSA says:

    This is what I got:

    Sell 7 Broccoli
    Sell 3 Limes
    Sell 1 Potato Roll

  4. jimmi says:

    mine is also different may be it depends on the level

    Sell 3 Peaches
    Sell 8 Blueberries
    Sell 1 Nutmeg cookies

  5. spring says:

    8 onions
    3 lemons
    1 orange cupcake

  6. ironwolf says:

    Level 28 here, my first order:

    (10 points) Sell 5 Pecans
    (10 points) Sell 8 Tomatoes
    (15 points) Sell 1 Pumpkin Filling

  7. zipit says:


    sell 8 broccoli
    sell 28 cherry
    sell 1 pumpkin filling

  8. Anonymous says:

    My 1st Order. Level 21

    Sell 1 barter
    Sell 7 pumpkins
    Sell 7 orange cupcakes

  9. kowtymae level 26 says:

    First order for level 26 is:

    Sell 5 Strawberry lemonades
    Harvest 5 Cauliflower
    Make 1 Blueberry tart

  10. fath level 18 says:

    why my scnd order dnt gve enough point. i cnt get the second reward but i already finish the order. -.-’

  11. Helzar says:

    Second reward is a 5 pack of water.

  12. justyna says:

    co jest po kalafiorach?na 3 zamowienie?

  13. sara says:

    The order depends on your level and what crops and produce are available to you. You can collect extra points on your wall. 1st prize is bench 2nd is 5 pk of water 3rd is 5 fert.

  14. Anonymous says:

    5th prize looks like a sugar pack 7th is bottle pack and 8th is either an unwither pack or speedy grow pack. 4th 6th an 9th are unknown.

  15. Jackalastic says:

    I fixed the truck two days ago and nothing has happened since. No order form, truck still there. What do I Do?Thank you

  16. shakira says:

    have you clicked the sign board next to market stand to know your order

  17. MMMMMeeee says:

    How do you get the goat cheese one? I have no clue how to make that either…

  18. Anonymous says:

    prized goats make goat chese

  19. Anonymous says:

    4th prize is the mosaic pot

  20. Anonymous says:

    yesterday i won the 4th prize and i’m in level the request is to sell 3 fine fleeces.but i dont have any because my sheeps are not prized.the request expires in 14 hours.will mr cornelius go away? thx

  21. MaxPower says:

    Cornelious won’t get the order but he will be back with a second one, i think. The best way to get fine fleeces is to visit friend’s farms and feed prized sheeps, that’s how i got my fine settle (or something like that)

  22. Anonymous says:

    Final reward is a mosaic fountain, like the first & 4th reward.

  23. Annon says:

    How do i make Wool bolt, im level 11 and thats what Cornelious is wanting

  24. Anonymous says:

    You need to complete the workshop for that..

  25. Anonymous says:

    It’s true. Don’t waste time on this quests people. The rewards are garbage.

  26. Jackie says:

    It’s true, but still, we get coins and experience points, and it works for me :)

  27. Ana di Lupis says:

    Hi…I received the second reward from the Village- Grocer: a Wooden Bucket with water…but where is it ?? Can anyone tell me, where I can find it?

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