FarmVille 2 The Little Brown Reindeer Guide

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Oh Dear : )

You are fortunate if you are level 6 or higher because you have opportunity to tame a ‘little brown Reindeer’ for your FarmVille 2 Farm before Christmas.

You have 22 days to tame little brown Reindeer which are more than enough, but if somehow you let the Brown Reindeer disappear you will never be able to claim it! And you can tame the Brown Reindeer only once.

FarmVille 2 has also launched another timed Quest ‘Antler Antics Quest’ which is sequel of ‘Little Brown Reindeer’. Please note that FarmVille 2 players do not need to complete Marie’s ‘Antler Antics Quests’ to claim the Brown Reindeer. But you certainly need adult Brown Reindeer to complete ‘Antler Antics Quest’.

After clicking ‘Sure’, you will see the Little Brown Reindeer Quest Menu showing all tasks you have to complete to get the baby Brown Reindeer.

Note: while playing FarmVille 2 if you want to see this menu again, just click on little Brown Reindeer wandering around your Farm

I am sure everyone can make out from the menu that 20 days are more than sufficient, only if you have many active FarmVille 2 neighbors. Let’s check out the Complete need of ‘little brown Reindeer’ Quest

Firstly you have to get treat bin and place it in your Farm before collecting items to build it. Once you place it you can see the following need:

Before going ahead, you can ask your friends for ‘Sleigh Bells’ by posting on your wall. To build Treat bin you need above items for which you can ask your FarmVille 2 neighbors if you don’t want to spend FarmVille 2 bucks. If you do not wish to wait for your friends or if you don’t have active FarmVille 2 friends, you can skip any of these tasks for FarmVille 2 Bucks.

Once you have collected the needed items, click on the “Start Building!” button at the bottom of the construction Menu. Before moving on to next task, you have to hire four FarmVille 2 friends to finish building ‘Treat Bin’.

You need to collect five ‘Sleigh Bells’, which I hope you have in your stock now, since you have already posted the request on your wall. Once done Baby Reindeer is all yours and believe me he is really adorable.

Now all he need is 6 baby bottles to grow adult and all you need is an adult Brown Reindeer to complete Marie’s ‘Antler Antics Quests’. Please like us to get complete FarmVille 2 guide for Marie’s ‘Antler Antics Quest’, which will be updated shortly. Till then Keep Farming, Keep Sharing and Keep growing!!! Visit our facebook page by clicking below

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