FarmVille 2 Guide: Meet Cornelius Quest Guide

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FarmVille 2 ‘Meet Cornelius’ Quest is Sequel of ‘Village Grocer’ Quest and consists of 5 missions to complete to get the final reward. You must complete this quest in 10 days and expected end date of this quest is December 10,2012.

I can smell a wonderful reward as Christmas is around and I am hoping FarmVille 2 will not disappoint FarmVille 2 players. In ‘Village Grocer’ Quest first reward is Mosaic Bench which is worth displaying in your Farm.

Presenting details of FarmVille 2 “Meet Cornelius” quest to help you complete this in time. FarmVille 2 “Meet Cornelius” quest has 5 stages, so let’s check out each stage of FarmVille 2 “Meet Cornelius” quest. So let us check out each mission of FarmVille 2 “Meet Cornelius” quest.

Mission 1: Sweet Smell of Coins

FarmVille 2 has just introduced new crop ‘English Rose’ in ‘Great Britain’ Theme. You have to Harvest it 15 times and Craft  2 ‘Rose Jellies’ .

‘English Rose’ takes two hours to grow full but if you have read our Guide to ‘grow crops instantly’; you can harvest it in minutes with support of 2 Farmhands and 15 FarmVille 2 ‘Fertilizer’.

As Bottle of Rose Jelly sells @ 1510 FarmVille 2 Coins you can sell it off to complete First mission.

You will get 20 XP and 400 FarmVille 2 coins as reward after completion of this mission

Mission 2: Corny’s Sweet Tooth

Want to know a secret about Cornelius? Corny has quite an appetite for pastries. As this is what you have to do in this mission.

Harvest 3 Apple trees and craft 5 Apple Scones in FarmVille 2 Kitchen. It takes 4 hours to harvest an Apple Tree in FarmVille 2, but again if you follow the guide posted on this site you can have it in minutes.

Total ingredients require for preparing 5 ‘Apple Scones’ are 20 ‘Wheat’, 15 Eggs and 20 Apples. Collecting Candy Trays is not going to be difficult if you have active FarmVille 2 Neighbors.

You will get 20 XP and 400 FarmVille 2 coins as reward after completion of this mission

Mission 3: Scoring Points with Corny

 You must finish FarmVille 2 ‘Village Grocer’ Quest to complete this mission of FarmVille 2 ‘Meet Cornelius’ Quest. To complete this task early, I suggest you to feed white chicken as White chicken need only 3 feeds every 5 minutes.

To craft 6 ‘Strawberry Lemonade’ you need 30 strawberries, 36 lemons and 6 unit of ‘water’. Now this craft might take some time if you don’t have strawberries with you. Please follow our guide to Grow Strawberries in minutes.

Reward: 20 XP and 400 FarmVille 2 coins

Mission 4: Butter Him up

You will need 15 Oranges, 20 wheat, 15 eggs and 10 ‘milk’ to craft 5 Orange Cupcakes.

Reward: 20 XP and 400 FarmVille 2 coins

Mission 5: Flavors of Favors

This is final mission of FarmVille 2 ‘Meet Cornelius’ Quest and will going to take at minimum 24 hours to finish. After each Grocer task corny will visit again in 24 hours and To complete this mission you must finish 3 Grocer Tasks. Now it depends on you how quickly you finish three orders of Mr Cornelius. Each FarmVille 2 player is going to get different order list

I am sure meanwhile every FarmVille 2 player can finish rest of two needs that is Harvesting 40 Pumpkins and Crafting 5 Pumpkin Pies. You will need 10 ‘milk’, 10 ‘wheat’ and 40 pumpkins to craft 6 Pumpkin Pie.

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6 Responses to “FarmVille 2 Guide: Meet Cornelius Quest Guide”

  1. jayne says:

    how do i finish the mission 3 with the lorry i have done the other two but i have no idea what the 3rd one with the lorry means please help

  2. sammy says:

    once the truck is repaired you just furnish one supply order of corny to finish mission 3

  3. lol says:

    how do i do the 3rd one????
    i cant see order in my market stand ??????????

  4. Yoli says:

    To see the order you must click the sign next to your market stand….

  5. Lorna says:

    Thank you, that’s what I was missing too, I didn’t know where to find the order!! x

  6. shara says:

    it says 2 hours later

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