FarmVille 2 Guide : Fireworks Wagon Guide

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Since Christmas is gone and the year 2013 is coming to arrive, it is time to prepare for a New Year’s Eve in FarmVille 2 Farms also. FarmVille 2 has arranged a Firework show in your farms. So prepare a New Year’s Show for your Farms.

If you are level 6 or higher, you will see a pop-up to place a Firework Wagon in your farms to start with your preparation.

Building the Fireworks Wagon

After placement of Firework Wagon, first step is to collect following items needed to build FarmVille 2 Fireworks wagon

You can ask your FarmVille 2 Friends for these items. If you do not wish to wait you can get them by spending some farm bucks.

Be selective in sending request as you can send a request for material to a FarmVille 2 friend once in every 18 hours

Start Building after you collects the required items. You will need help from four of your FarmVille 2 Neighbors to finish building. Once your request is accepted by four FarmVille 2 neighbors you can finish building FarmVille 2 Fireworks Wagon.

Completing the FarmVille 2 Fireworks Wagon is not enough, now you also have to collect Fireworks for your New Year’s Party. There are five ways to collect it:

  1. By spending some Farm bucks
  2. By asking your FarmVille 2 Friends. You can send request once every 18 hours
  3. Most convenient way is harvesting crops; this includes crops which are ready to harvest in 2 minutes. Fireworks will appear in similar fashion as prized crops.Now this is the time you can maximize the collection by using our utility to refill the water instantly and harvesting 2-minutes Crops. Click here to get trainer to generate water and crafting energy instantly. 
  4. Now FarmVille 2 friends can send you Fireworks as daily gift, so you can ask them to send you Fireworks for next 19 days and I am sure you gonna have best Fireworks show in you FarmVille 2 Farms.
  5. Whenever you collect a Fire Cracker by harvesting your crop, you will get below popup to share with your FarmVille 2 Friends. You can collect such shares by clicking on feeds shared by your FarmVille 2 friends in the games feed section of your Facebook account.

Do not just stop by collecting few Fireworks, you can redeem collected Fire works for some exclusive Fire Works and a baby ‘Black Nubian Goat’. You need total 250 Fire Cracker to collect all exclusive items.

Use FarmVille 2 Fireworks Wagon to redeem Exclusive items:

Click on the Fireworks Wagon to open menu to redeem exclusive gifts.


This menu displays the total number of Fire Crackers you have collected so far, which are the exclusive items and which items you are currently eligible to redeem. Once you redeem the item, Fireworks required to get that item will be reduced from your collection of your Fireworks.


At the bottom of this menu, there are a total of 4 prizes that can be redeemed for Fireworks:

  • Roaring Maureen (15 Fireworks)
  • The Professor (30 Fireworks)
  • New Year’s Scarecrow (60 Fireworks)
  • New Year’s Party Table (145 Fireworks)

Some FarmVille 2 players need less number of Fireworks to redeem these exclusive items. Please let us know if you have a different requirement of Fireworks.

All 4 of these prizes can be redeemed as many times as you like, as long as you have enough Fireworks. Once you have collected all 4 of the above prizes, you will earn the loveable Baby Black Nubian Goat!

Note: You will need to redeem each of the items before you get credit towards the Black Nubian Goat. The Baby Black Nubian Goat can be earned only once.

Most important: Even if you have Fireworks to redeem all 4 exclusive items, do not redeem it now as you need to get these items in Sequel quest of Fireworks Wagon which is FarmVille 2 “Fireworks Fun” Quest. So we recommend redeeming theses gifts to complete tasks in FarmVille 2 ‘Fireworks Fun’ Quest.

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