FarmVille 2 Guide : Fireworks Fun Quest Guide

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Know all about FarmVille 2 Fireworks Fun Quest

FarmVille 2 brings in Fireworks Wagon to prepare a firework show in our farms on New Year Eve. Along with Fireworks Wagon, FarmVille 2 has also introduced a 8 mission quest ‘Fireworks Fun’. This is timed quest and FarmVille 2 players have to complete it before January 8 2013.

We have already discussed FarmVille 2 Fireworks Wagon in our previous guide, so let us take up each mission of FarmVille 2 ‘Fireworks Fun’ Quest.

Mission 1: Explosive Excitement

Harvest 10 Black Eyed Peas which takes 2 hours to grow full. Tend a well and craft 2 Spicy Black Eyed Peas to complete this mission.

To craft Spicy Black Eyed Peas you need 20 Black-eyed Peas and 6 Black Pepper, so if you don’t have Black-eyed peas in stock you have to wait a little longer to finish first mission of FarmVille 2 ‘Fireworks Fun’. But don’t just stop here because you are going to need 30 more Black eyed peas to craft Spicy black eyed peas in mission 6.

Reward : 20 XP and 400 Coins

Mission 2: Candle Caper

All you have to do is place the Fireworks Wagon in your farm, which we are sure most of FarmVille 2 players have already done. In our previous post we mentioned that you can find fireworks by harvesting 2 minute crops also. This is the quickest way to get fireworks by harvesting. Make sure crops you are harvesting are prized.You can use our utility to regenerate water and crafting energy instantly to complete this task. You will also need more water to craft 2 lemonades which require 12 Lemons and 2 units of water.

If you don’t have lemon in stock and you have some waiting time, In the mean time plant more crops to harvest firecrackers for next mission.

Reward: 20 XP and 400 Coins

Mission 3: Sparkling Adventure

Collect 5 Kazoos by asking friends and from shares posted by your FarmVille 2 friends on facebook games feed.Feed 10 animals and collect 10 more fireworks by harvesting your crops.

Reward: 20 XP and 400 Coins

Mission 4: Hot times

Prepare some refreshments for all those who are coming to see the fireworks show in your farm. First thing first, if you want to finish this mission quick, DO NOT tend furnace fully in the first time. You can check how much crafting energy is left in furnace by moving your mouse over the furnace. Make sure you have lesser demand to refill your stock.

To craft 3 Orange cupcakes you will need 9 Oranges, 6 unit of milk, 9 Eggs and 12 ‘Wheat’. You also need to carft Goat Cheese Tart which need 5 ‘Milk’ and 5 ‘Goat Cheese’ which you can get from Prized Goat.

Reward: 20 XP and 400 Coins

Mission 5: Party Preparation

Lots of preparation has to be done for New Year eves party. Collect 5 hats for that by asking your FarmVille 2 Friends.

Invite 5 of your FarmVille 2 friends to be your farmhand and complete the Fireworks Wagon, which is quite simple if you have many active friends. If you have not completed the Fireworks Wagon by now check out our guide.

Reward: 20 XP and 400 Coins

Mission 6 : Get Spicy!

Now is time to redeem your collected fireworks to get a ‘Roaring Maureen’ which need 15 fireworks. Click on Fireworks Wagon to redeem ‘Roaring Maureen’.

If you have not stopped harvesting Black Eyed Peas, crafting 3 Spicy Black Eyed Peas is not going to take much of your time. Harvesting 28 Tomato crop is just 1-minute job.

Once you redeem ‘Roaring Maureen’ place it in your farm and you will also be able to share more fireworks with your FarmVille 2 Friends

Reward: 20 XP and 400 Coins

Mission 7: A Special Guest

You have already crafted 2 lemonades so now all you need is 10 Strawberries to finish crafting. Harvest 4 Olive oils and have 30 Fireworks in your stock to get ‘The Professor’.

Share more Fireworks with your FarmVille 2 friends by getting ‘The Professor’

Reward: 20 XP and 400 Coins

Mission 8: Pyrotechnic Party!

This is the final mission of Fireworks Fun and all you need is feed 6 chicken in your farm and collect as many as firecrackers by 5 ways we have given in our post  ‘FarmVille 2 Guide – Fireworks Wagon’. You need 205 Fireworks in your stock to get ‘New Year’s eve Scarecrow’ and ‘New Year’s Eve Party Table’. Click on Fireworks Wagon to redeem both exclusive items.

After redeeming ‘New Year’s eve Scarecrow’ and ‘New Year’s Eve Party Table’ you will also get baby Black Nubian Goat as reward along with 20 XP and 400 Coins.

Now you are all set to have a blasting New Year’s Eve Fireworks Fun Show. We wish all FarmVille 2 Players a very happy new year in advance

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