FarmVille 2 Guide: FarmVille 2 Bucks to Coin Trainer Guide

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Once ‘Attached’ and ‘Enabled’ correctly, this FarmVille 2 bucks trainer will change the requirement from FarmVille 2 bucks to FarmVille 2 coins. With help of this trainer FarmVille 2 Players can:

  1. Buy anything from General Store including all consumables using FarmVille 2 Coins instead of FarmVille 2 bucks.
  2.  Have all Decorative and Animals which costs FarmVille 2 Bucks by using FarmVille 2 coins.
  3. Acquire complete farm by skipping tasks.


Please note that this trainer cannot be used for:

  1. Hiring builders to complete any building
  2. Skipping tasks to complete any quest
  3. Buying items which is not available in General store

Pl. note that currently our trainer only works on win 32 or 64 bit OS (Operating System). Though you can use Windows VM, If you wish to use it on MAC machine.

Also pl. make sure you disable any virus scanner interfering while running this FV2 trainer because they don’t like this trainer hacking into your browser farmville 2 gaming session and manipulate your gaming messages in order to work.


1)      You nee to use Winrar application to extract the FarmVille 2 Trainer and start using it. If you don’t have Winrar application then you need to Download it from links given below:

a)      Download Winrar for 32-bit Windows

b)      Download Winrar for 64-bit Windows

If you don’t know how to use winrar application then refer to this step by step guide to use it

2)      Though this trainer can be used with both Google Chrome and Mozilla firefox, we suggest our users to use Google Chrome for convenience of use. You can get a copy of Google Chrome by clicking here

How to Extract FarmVille 2 Trainer

After downloading the trainer and installing winrar on system, double click on downloaded file. If Winrar is installed correctly, FarmVille 2 trainer will automatically be open with winrar. All you need is click on ‘extract to’, and define the location where you want to keep the decompressed file.


Once ‘farmville 2 trainer’ is decompressed, you are all set to use it. There are two basic tasks to successfully use the trainer. First is to attach the processor with trainer and second is to enable the trainer to start using it with your FV 2 gaming session.

How to Attach FarmVille 2 Trainer

There are two ways to attach the process with FarmVille 2 Trainer. One is automated where Trainer will automatically find and select the Process for you. Another needs you to find and put Process ID manually to attach it.

Automated way of Attaching Trainer

First let us check out the automated way where you only need to select the process from given dropdown, rest will be done by trainer automatically:

  1. Open facebook in internet browser (Preferably Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and log in with your account which you are using to play FarmVille 2
  2. Double click on FarmVille 2 Trainer to launch it.
  3. Now Start FarmVille 2 after you have started the trainer and wait till it game is loaded completely.
  4. Now go back to trainer and choose process depending upon your operating system and internet browser. For eg. If you are using Google Chrome, choose chrome.exe from the drop down


If you are using Mozilla Firefox in windows 7 or above (64-bit) choose flashplayerplugin_11_x_xx otherwise for Mozilla Firefox choose plugin-container.exe. Now Click on attach and wait till you have a pop-up message of ‘Attach Successfully’. You will also notice that button to ‘continue’ is also enabled. Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed to enable FarmVille 2 Trainer

How to Attach FarmVille 2 Trainer Manually

If for some reason, you are failed to attach trainer with automatic method you can also attach it using Process ID. But in this method you need to find the Process ID (PID) yourself using method given below and put in the Process ID Field

Finding Process ID in Google Chrome

Open ‘Task Manager’ in Google Chrome. Follow the process given in image below to open the ‘Task Manger’:


In Task Manager, look for “Plug-in: Shockwave Flash” and the process ID against it.


Punch the same process ID in the Field Given in FarmVille 2 Trainer and press ‘Attach’


Finding Process ID in Mozilla Firefox

We are here showing method to find out PID for Mozilla Firefox in windows 32-bit operating system. For windows 64-bit operating system follow the same method but look for FlashPlayerPlugin_11_X_XXX instead of plugin-container.exe

Since Mozilla Firefox works with Task manger of Windows, you have to open Windows task manager to find ‘Plugin-Container.exe’ and check Process ID allocated to ‘Plugin-Container.exe’.

To open Task Manager of Windows either Press three keys ‘Ctrl’, ‘Alt’ and ‘Delete’ together. Alternatively, you can right click on task bar at the bottom and get option to open ‘task manager’

It is very likely that when you open Windows Task Manger for first time you will not find any column of PID (Process ID). To get column ‘PID’ column, open select Column from ‘View menu’ of Task Manger

You will get pop-up as given below. Find and check PID to add column of PID in your Task Manger

In case of Mozilla Firefox, it is also possible that you will find multiple instances of ‘plugin-container.exe’. To identify the one which is associated with farmville 2 game, Right click on ‘plugin-container.exe’ and click on end process? If it crashes FarmVille 2 game, this is the ‘plugin-container.exe’, which is linked with FarmVille 2.

Once process it identified, put process ID in FarmVille 2 trainer and click attach


How to enable FarmVille 2 Trainer

Click on attach and wait till you have a pop-up message of ‘Attach Successfully’. You will also notice that button to ‘continue’ is also enabled. Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed to enable FarmVille 2 Trainer

You will get the following interface. Click on enable and wait for confirmation message


If trainer is attached and enabled successfully, you will get the following pop up


As mentioned in the message, just one more step is left before you can expand your farmland and buy anything from general store using FarmVille 2 coins. All you have to do is go in General Store and find HarvEstate Manor in decorations. After you find the HarvEstate Manor, cost of all items in general store will convert to coins and you can buy any item using FarmVille 2 Coin.


IMPORTANT:  Whenever game is refreshed again or you restart the game then You have to follow the same process of ‘attaching’ and ‘enabling’ the FarmVille 2 Trainer again.

We suggest you to use trainer whenever you wish to buy any item from General store. When you are done using trainer and have all the items you need to build your awesome farm then turn “off” the hack and enjoy playing FarmVille 2.

Warning : Don’t over use the trainer to protect your account, Also To make sure that trainer is undetectable and safe to use, please read following post and try these settings as a precaution so that you don’t have any issue with your account

Click here to visit post on How to protect your account


If you still have any issue and need further assistance then please mail at [email protected]


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  1. Alison says:

    Found the HarvEstate Manor, it took a few minutes for the bucks to change to coins, but it’s all good now. I am very happy with my purchase, wish I’d known about it earlier!

  2. Sandra says:

    Ty very much its really anderfull and it’s working perfectly. I’m happy lol

  3. smille 1170 says:

    do you have to buy the harvEstate manor or just click on it and then cancel

  4. Juulke says:

    thank you so much, this really works !!

  5. Anonymous says:

    i can not get it to enabling can you tell me how to do it

  6. belinda says:

    is it ok if i tell u that i love this it really works omw, and i am a real person not an automated person tyt ty ty

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  8. Tiffy says:

    have the same problem calls me hack failed to enable. what have we to do now?

  9. Connie says:

    I just started using this and I love it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Have been using this for about a week but just now when I try to go into it it tells me that “hack failed to enable” have tried re-downloading it etc and it still won’t work…any suggestions to fix this? Thanks.

  11. LIZARDKING says:


  12. admin says:

    Have you bought the trainer from us. pl. send email to [email protected] for help

  13. Rudy says:

    Can anyone please help me find a way to get this cheat engine to work for me, Last time I asked for help and they did provide help someone came to me and helped me to fix my problem, today I can’t find no one to be able to give me a hand Please any one out there willing to HELP!!!!

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