FarmVille 2 Guide: Everything about FarmVille 2 Fertilizer Bin

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Hey Farmers,

If you’re someone who likes to grow Prized Crops in FarmVille 2, you sure understand how valuable Fertilizer is. If so, the new Fertilizer Bin is for you! Feed your animals to fill the Bin and then harvest it to earn free Fertilizer for your crops. Not only this, FarmVille 2 players also have a chance of earning Speed-Grow while collecting fertilizer from Fertilizer Bin.

Important Note: You must be level 9 or higher to build FarmVille 2 Fertilizer Bin. Please do not craft and stock 5 Fertilizer Rakes which is maximum stock limit, unless you complete FarmVille 2 ‘Sweet Smell of Success’ Quest

FarmVille 2 players will get pop up to place ‘Fertilizer Bin’ when they log into FarmVille 2 farm. FarmVille 2 players need following items to start building Fertilizer Bin. You can also buy any of these items for Farm Bucks if you do not wish to wait for your friends to respond to your requests or newsfeed posts.


Once you’ve collected these items, you can finish the Fertilizer Bin by asking four of your friends to help you out as staff.

How to use FarmVille 2 Fertilizer Bin

After you’ve completed the Fertilizer Bin, FarmVille 2 will be able to collect “Compost,” a material that fills the Bin’s meter and is collected by tending Adult Animals. You’ll need at least animal (Non-Prized) on your farm to get benefit of Fertilizer Bin.

FarmVille 2 players will need ‘Fertilizer Rakes’ to fill Fertilizer in bags. Fertilizer Rakes can be crafted in Crafting workshop using six pieces of wood. You can stock up to five Fertilizer Rakes for future.

Collected compost will be added to your Fertilizer Bin Meter and it is full, FarmVille 2 players can harvest the Bin with a Fertilizer Rake for extra Fertilizer. Every time FarmVille 2 players will need one Fertilizer Rake to harvest Fertilizer Bin.

To see your Meter, click on the Fertilizer Bin to open the main menu. Meter which is at bottom of the Menu indicates how much compost you need to harvest Fertilizer Bin.


Added Information:

  • FarmVille 2 players need at least one Adult Animal (nonPrized) to use the Fertilizer Bin.
  • Limited to one Fertilizer Bin per farm.
  • You can only have 5 Fertilizer Rakes in your Inventory at one time. Note: You can buy extra Rakes (more than 5) with Farm Bucks.

Of course, the more Fertilizer you use, the faster you’ll master crops, so make sure to build your Fertilizer Bin and start putting it to good use as fast as you can.

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3 Responses to “FarmVille 2 Guide: Everything about FarmVille 2 Fertilizer Bin”

  1. Nicolas says:

    I do not have a fertilizer bin and no way to purchase it. Is there a solution. I am past level 9 a long time ago. Thanks in advance.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m in the same position. I am long past level 9 and I have yet to receive a fertilizer bin. What should I do?

  3. NR says:

    I have fertilizer bin, lvl 13 says need rakes, well it wont let me craft rakes and I have enough wood. Am I doing somthing wrong?

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