FarmVille 2 Guide: Crafting Workshop Guide

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As FarmVille 2 Grows, many FarmVille2 players have lost interest with same set of activities like growing crops, feeding animals, crafting recipe and visiting neighbors. Well there is something exciting for all such players. FarmVille 2 has released Crafting workshop, an entirely new concept to keep us busy. Crafting workshop has entirely new Ingredients to craft items that can be sold for a profit, or can be used to decorate farm.





Just place ‘Crafting Workshop’ to start with. You will need following items to start building the FarmVille 2 ‘Crafting Workshop’

All items can be collected by asking your FarmVille 2 friends, if you don’t have too many active FarmVille 2 friends you have the choice of buying it using FarmVille 2 bucks.

Once you are through with collection of items, you will need 4 FarmVille 2 Friends as builders to complete building your ‘Crafting Workshop’.

What do we have in ‘Crafting Workshop’?

There are three different stations inside the Workshop for three different types of items you can Craft:

  • Workbench: For crafting Wood items
  • Loom: For Crafting Wool items
  • Blacksmith: For Crafting Metal items

As soon as you finished building your FarmVille 2 ‘Crafting Workshop’, you can start drafting items. Items crafted in ‘Crafting Workshop’ can be used as a decorative in your Farm or can be sold for coins in your FarmVille 2 Market place.

Just like ‘kitchen Crafting’, FarmVille 2 ‘Crafting Workshop’ too have level requirements. Few Items will be locked until you reach appropriate level of XP

Raw Material for FarmVille 2 ‘Crafting Workshop’:

Raw ingredient comes from your crop, trees, animals and neighbors:

 Crops: Blueberry, Strawberry

Trees: Wood, olive

Animals: Wool, Horseshoe, Fine Saddle, white turkey Feather, Fine Wool, Fur, Fine Fleece, Brown Turkey Feather

Neighbors: Flask, Piece of glass

Now I feel prized animals are really worth keeping and crafting exclusive items in FarmVille 2 ‘Crafting Workshop’

Just like ‘Kitchen Crafting’ these is multiple level of Crafting of items but finished product can be of two types. One which can be sold in your market place and second which can be used as a decorative in your FarmVille 2 Farm.

The image of final item has symbol on it to indicate if you can sell it at Market place or you can use it as decoration in your farm:

Oh of course there will be another symbol which indicates that you have to raise your level to craft the item.

Items which do not have any symbol on them cannot be sold in the market place

FarmVille 2 ‘Crafting Workshop’ item card:

FarmVille 2 ‘Crafting workshop’ item card is bit more organized where few items are shown in a chain displaying the progression till final item. This is easier to craft final item.


Crafting Energy: 

I guess everything till now looks very simple, but it is not as easy as it seems for a simple reason. You have limited crafting energy which will be used for both ‘Kitchen Crafting’ and FarmVille 2 ‘Crafting Workshop’.

If you are out of crafting energy, apart from waiting for crafting energy to regenerate automatically and harvesting furnace, there are couple of more ways to get more crafting energy:

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