FarmVille 2 Antler Antics Quest Guide

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With launch of new timed Quest ‘Antler Antics’, FarmVille 2 has amazed all FarmVille 2 players waiting for ‘Second week of winter Quest’. But what could be a Christmas without a deer and old sleigh. Well now FarmVille 2 has given this opportunity to have a ‘brown Reindeer’ and an old sleigh for your FarmVille 2 Farm before Christmas, provided you are level 6 and above.

We have already covered FarmVille 2 Guide to have a Little Brown Reindeer in our previous post, so let us check out ‘Antler Antics Quest’. It is a timed quest and FarmVille 2 players have to complete all 8 missions of ‘Antler Antics Quest’ within 13 days. Below under are the details of each mission of ‘Antler Antics Quest’.

Mission 1: Reindeer Spotting

This is a warm up mission where FarmVille 2 players need to place Treat Bin in your farm, Harvest 10 Rutabagas and craft 1 Rutabaga Bisque. As Rutabagas takes 4 hours to grow and you also need to harvest 20 Rutabagas in mission 6, I suggest you to grow 30 Rutabagas.

To craft 1 Rutabagas Bisque you need 10 Rutabagas, 6 Onions and 3 ‘Water’

On completion of this mission FarmVille 2 players will earn reward of 20 XP and 400 FarmVille 2 Coins.

Mission 2: Reindeer Games

Quick and easy mission all you have to do is harvest 2 Wells or a well twice, Collect 5 Dice by asking FarmVille 2 friends and make 20 feed.

On completion, FarmVille 2 players will earn reward of 20 XP and 400 FarmVille 2 Coins.

Mission 3: Snow Job

FarmVille 2 players have to wait a while to compete this mission as you need to harvest ‘Hen House’  twice and You can tend Hen House only once every 24 hours. In the mean time you can finish crafting 5 Flours for which you need 20 ‘Wheat’ and Feed 2 adult rabbits.

Reward: 20 XP and 400 FarmVille 2 Coins

Mission 4: My Dear Deer

To complete this mission you need to feed 5 adult Goats, 3 Adult Rabbits and 1 Adult Sheep.

Reward: 20 XP and 400 FarmVille 2 Coins

Mission 5: Candy Cane Lane

You need 20 Bottles of Milk to craft 10 Rich Creamy butter. Make 20 feed and ask your friends to give you 5 candy canes.

Reward: 20 XP and 400 FarmVille 2 Coins

Mission 6: Rutabaga of the Problem

I am sure by now rest of your Rutabagas crop is ready to harvest. Now here comes the tricky part, you need to harvest Furnace 2 times and  Furnace takes 24 hours to regenerate crafting energy. To finish this mission quickly, do not harvest Furnace for its full energy. Use only couple of Craft energy and harvest the Furnace, repeat the same process again in quick session to complete the task. Like craft 1‘Rutabaga Bisque’ and harvest your Furnace. Again craft 1‘Rutabaga Bisque’ and harvest your Furnace (I want to thank Katrina for this tip and I hope that she is reading it)

Reward: 20 XP and 400 FarmVille 2 Coins

Mission 7: Gather Some Moss

If your Treat Bin is not ready by now, I suggest you to start looking for active FarmVille 2 neighbors. Kidding!!! Complete the Treat Bin, Collect 5 Reindeer Moss and harvest 40 Blueberries to complete this mission

Reward: 20 XP and 400 FarmVille 2 Coins

Mission 8: Bin There

This is the final mission of FarmVille 2 ‘Antler Antics Quest’ where you need to Feed Adult Reindeer 3 times, Sell 3 Tufts of fur and sell 3 Fine Wool.

To get Adult Reindeer, first you need to tame Little Brown Reindeer. If you have not done that yet, please read our guide ‘FarmVille 2 Guide: The little Brown Reindeer’

Once you have Little Brown Reindeer you need 6 baby bottles to grow him adult. Adult Reindeer needs 10 feed every 10 minutes. With every feed Adult Reindeer produces 3 Tufts of Fur. FarmVille 2 Players might have problem in selling 3 Fine Wool if they don’t have ‘Prized rabbits’ in their farm. There is no reason to lose your heart as you can feed/tend prized rabbits of your FarmVille 2 neighbors to collect Fine Wool. Though you will not get fine wool with every feeding but still drop rate is good.

On completion of final mission you will earn 20 XP, 400 FarmVille 2 Coins and an ‘Old Sleigh’ to decorate your FarmVille 2 farm for coming Christmas.

That’s all for now, I hope you like the information and stay tuned for other updates of FarmVille 2.Please do not forget to like us on our facebook page for upcoming farmville 2 Cheats which will help you get Fertilizer, Speed Grow with many other features with nice user interface. We are really excited about upcoming cheat release and hope you all will love it so till next post ciao and till then Keep Farming, Keep Sharing and Keep growing.

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