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Hey Farmers!

Animal Mastery is available in FarmVille 2! Earn mastery points from feeding both Adult & Prized Animals, and great rewards for achieving Mastery Ribbons. To help get you started, FarmVille 2 is  giving you a free Rabbit and Speed-Feed!

Note: This is a complex feature that touches many elements of the game which is why FarmVille 2 is rolling this out to all players over the next few weeks, so please keep be aware that you may not have this feature right away. We are very excited to get this out to all of our players as soon as possible.

If you are level 9 or higher, you will see the following popup. Click the green “Get Free Rabbit and Speed-Feed” button to get started:

farmville 2 animal mastery

Similar to Crop Mastery, when you feed an Animal you earn Mastery Points. With enough Mastery Points, you will earn a Ribbon for that particular Animal. This is called “Animal Mastery”. There are three levels of Animal Mastery you can achieve: Yellow Ribbon, Red Ribbon and Blue Ribbon. Mastered Animals produce even more resources than regular Animals do, so keep feeding your Adult & Prized Animals!

When you have earned a Ribbon, you will see a pop-up like the one below.

farmville 2 animal mastery 2

You will also be able to place a sign on your Farm that indicates what level of mastery you have reached. This sign is for decoration purposes only… but placing it will let everyone know what you have achieved!

farmville 2 animal mastery sign

The number of feeds required to achieve Blue Ribbon mastery differ from Animal to Animal. Just keep feeding Animals and your Ribbons will show up eventually! If you are in a hurry to earn your Blue Ribbon status, use Speed-Feed on your Animals. Using Speed-feed earns twice the Mastery Points than regular feed!

Master Faster with Speed-Feed!

Are you in a hurry to master your Animals? Master faster with Speed-Feed! Use Speed-feed to earn twice the Mastery, even if the Animal is not hungry.

To use Speed-Feed, hover your cursor over an Animal until you see a pop-up with a blue bag icon. This icon indicates how much Speed-Feed you have in your Inventory. Click on the blue bag icon to instantly feed your Animal.

farmville 2 speed feed

You can purchase Speed-Feed from the General Store. The current sizes available for purchase are:

• Speed-Feed 2 Pack
• Speed-Feed 10 Pack
• Speed-Feed 25 Pack

Note: Speed-Feed will not work on hungry Animals.


In a single stroke, feed multiple Animals the same way you tend to Crops and Trees with “Feed-Painting!”

Note: Works with both regular and Speed-Feed.

Mastering Animals may seem like hard work, but with each level of Mastery you achieve, the more resources your Animal will produce.

Please keep in mind that this feature is designed to be completed over time; do not feel pressured to master all of your Animals right away.

Additional Information:

  • Hover over the Animal Mastery Sign to view progress towards your next Ribbon.
  • Earn mastery points from feeding Adult and Prized Animals.
  • Speed-Feed will only work on Adult Animals that are not hungry.
  • Master faster with more Animals: The more Animals of the same breed you feed, the faster you’ll master that particular breed.

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