FarmVille 2 Guide – A comparative guide of Chicken

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This is the first in the series of comparative guide for animals to help you in taking decision before buying any in FarmVille 2.

In this FarmVille 2 Guide we have compared the cost and production of chickens to assess the worth. Chickens can be the quickest way of earning Coins in FarmVille 2, and can be very handy for getting enough Fertilizers to grow production of your farm.

We have not considered any chicken which costs FarmVille 2 bucks or  available for a limited time period only.

To us, after the comparison and calculation of worthiness we feel that ‘Rhode Island Red Chicken‘ is clearly most profitable deal among FarmVille 2 Chickens apart from ‘Polished Silver Laced Chicken‘. Also with production of 2-3 eggs per harvest, the possibility of getting exotic egg is more in comparison to White Chicken. In addition, considering its harvest time and feed, it is my favorite for finishing tasks in some quests which demands for feeding animal. ‘Gold Laced Cochin Chicken‘ is definitely a no if you are looking for worthiness in terms of FarmVille 2 Coins.

Black Leghorn Chicken‘ have a harvest time of 1 hour, so all FarmVille 2 players have to keep little patience till we come up with complete data.


1. Data of random drops may vary among other FarmVille 2 players.

2. Feed Cost is calculated on basis of costing of feed converted from Strawberries, which is cheapest in terms of FarmVille 2 coins and come to 1.8 FarmVille 2 Coins per Feed.

3. Cost of baby bottles is not considered as players of FarmVille 2 can collect it by asking FarmVille 2 Neighbors

4. Feed Count: Number of times animals are fed until they become prized

5. Conversion of FarmVille 2 bucks to FarmVille 2 Coins is done with following parameter, which derives 1 FarmVille 2 buck is equal to 80 FarmVille 2 Coins.

10 FarmVille 2 bucks = 800 FarmVille 2 Coins (If you but both costs $2)

6. Considering the above conversion and the factual cost of 2 units of Fertilizer which is 2 Farm Bucks, we take on that single unit of Fertilizer costs 80 FarmVille 2 coins.

7. We hope we are not making it complex, We have used the following method to calculate the worth of a FarmVille 2 Chicken

(Total Sell value of Raw eggs) + (No of fertilizers x 80) + (Selling price after prized) – (cost to buy)-(Total Feed Cost)

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