FarmVille 2 Freebies: 8 X water

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FarmVille 2 Freebies - Free water

One more quest to get Free Potbellied Pig for your FarmVille 2 Farms. Since FarmVille 2 ‘Fourth Week of Pig Season’  Quest and ‘If Wishes were Pigs’ Quest are now released, we are sure FarmVille 2 players will  need extra water for producing crops. Here is our contribution of FarmVille 2 Freebies to help you grow. Click below to get your FarmVille 2 Freebies for today.

FarmVille 2 Tip:

This FarmVille 2 tip is known to all players, but somehow got ignored for no reason

Most of the quests ask FarmVille 2 players to feed animals for number of times. FarmVille 2 players can either use Speed-feed to feed animals even if they are not hungry. This way, animals will get twice the mastery. But since speed feeds are hard to collect (You can either purchase it using Farm Bucks, or earn it whenever any of your animals gets a mastery ribbon), we do not suggest to use speed feed to finish any task of a FarmVille 2 Quest.

Alternatively, you can request your online FarmVille 2 neighbors to visit your Farm and feed the desired animal. Once your FarmVille 2 neighbors performs action, all you have to do is confirm by clicking ‘Accept and Send Gift’ to finish the Task of any Quest quickly.

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