FarmVille 2 Freebies (8 April 2013)

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Hey Mates,

Collect your FarmVille 2 Freebies for today by clicking link given at the end of the post. In the mean while read the following information to help you play FarmVille 2.

Actually we find lot many FarmVille 2 players keep on looking for Water trough and wondering about the below Pop-up message. We also find this message bit confusing because no matter what level you are at, No matter how many Water Troughs you have, FarmVille 2 players will get this message.


This is just an effort to provide clarity on FarmVille 2 Water Trough. When you start playing FarmVille 2, your farm has capacity to have 10 animals. On addition of each FarmVille 2 Water Trough, Farms capacity to keep FarmVille 2 animals will increase by +5. Additionally players also have Shady Trough, which increase the capacity by +10.

-          As of now, Maximum capacity to keep animals in FarmVille 2 is 45.

-          Maximum number of Water Trough any player can have is 5

Summary of Water Trough:

Players can also store 9 Prized Chickens in Chicken Coop; 12 Prized Goats in Goat Shelter and 12 Prized Sheep in Sheep Shack. These animals do not count against your maximum animal capacity. That is an additional 33 Animals so in essence, you are allowed to have 78 resource producing animals.


To relieve a little we must inform that FarmVille 2 is going to release buildings for Rabbits, Cows and Horses also. Though date of release is yet not known but you must not sell any prized animal. If you do not keep them in your Farm, move them to inventory.

Players can check the count of animals by clicking FarmVille 2 Water Trough


Lastly, Keep your Chins up, as getting the annoying “Animal Crowding Alert” at all levels has a positive side also. It can be interpreted as FarmVille 2 Studio has plans to release more of FarmVille 2 Water Troughs in future.

With this last bright note, collect your FarmVille 2 Freebies from link given below and Keep Farming

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    Is there a code for water troughs?

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