FarmVille 2 Freebies: 5 X Water

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Hey Mates!

Nothing like starting your Farm Day with wonderful FarmVille 2 Freebies. Collect your share of FarmVille 2 Freebies by clicking link given at the end of post.

FarmVille 2 Problem:

I am unable to load my FarmVille 2 farm. Every time I try to launch FarmVille 2 it crashes.

FarmVille 2 Solution:

Recently many players were complaining about crashing of plug-in every time they try to launch FarmVille2. Here are few of the possible solutions which you can try.

    1. Please ensure that you are having updated Internet browser and Flash player. I prefer to use Google Chrome to play games because it already includes Adobe® Flash® Player built-in and automatically update when new version of Flash Player are available. To updates Flash Player on other browsers please follow the link
    2. If problem still exists, please clear the Facebook Application, Flash and Internet Browser. To do so follow the following procedure:

a)      Delete the FarmVille 2 Application from your facebook account. Click .

b)      Clear cache of  Adobe Flash Player by clicking link given below and “Delete all Sites”

c)       Clear browser cache of all the browsers you are using to play FarmVille 2

d)      Finally login to your Facebook account and reinstall the FarmVille 2 Application

These are the possible solution I could think of. Leave a comment if you find any other issue and solution.

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