FarmVille 2 Freebies 10 free water (28th May 2015)

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Hey Mates,

Before you collect your freebie at the end of the post we want to share a good news. Good news is that finally we finish updating our tool which allow our all 28,000 farmers to exchange any of the gifts from their facebook wall with our other users by using our Link Exchange Tool. Even though you might have limited neighbors but this farmville 2 Link Exchange Tool will allow you to exchange gifts from your wall with any other users here. This will help you to find your Quest Gift Items and complete your quest sooner then later. We are very excited about this tool which will allow all our farmers to finally get gifts what they want and allow them to complete their quest sooner. Feel free to comment and ask any questions you might have

FarmVille 2 Link Exchange Preview

 Here is how it is going to look

Fetch all your posts that need help!

FarmVille 2 Link Exchange

FarmVille 2 Tip:

 We came to know that recently lot of farmers are complaining that the Animals on the farm are dropping Fertilizer less frequently after being fed. Anyone else having problems with feeding animals but not getting any fertilizer? Please comment and share your experience

Solution : We have reported this to Zynga and they assured us that they are working really hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Please be patient while they are trying to resolve this as there has been some major updates recently with County Fair and some time things can go wrong with that size of massive updates so we ask everybody to be little patient and hopefully this will be resolved soon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My friend is stuck at level 120 since 8 months
    She has reported many times but nothing has been done
    Its really lamentable to see minus XPs
    She would be very grateful if her problem can be resolved

  2. admin says:

    we sent you step by step guide if you still have issue then email support and they will able to help you with any farmville 2 cheats issues

  3. hakan altınok says:


farmville 2 cheats 100% working farmville 2 cheats

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