Farmville 2 Freebie : New Father’s Day Limited Edition items with Extra Freebie

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Howdy Farmers,

There are new item available in general store to honor father’s day. These items are only available for limited time.
Next you will find list of items with all details for these farmville 2 limited Edition Items. Don’t forget to share this with family and friends so that they can also benefit from it. Also please comment and let us know which item you like most from this edition at end of the post by putting comment so that we can provide you with cheats soon to get these items

New Limited Edition Farmville 2 Items ::
- For 2 Farm Bucks get ”Anywhere” Putting Green
- For 10 Farm Bucks get Golf Club Bag
- For 20,000 Coins get Dad’s Hobby Table
- For 12 Farm Bucks get Backyard Hammock
- For 16 Farm Bucks get “Grill King Saga” Backyard BBQ
- For 8 Farm Bucks get Chipov Oldeblocksi Gnomes

New Limited Edition Farmville 2 Trees ::
- For 12 Farm Bucks get Kona Coffee Tree which produces 3 Feed, used in Recipes
- For 8 Farm Bucks get Old Man’s Beard Tree which produces 2 Feed, used in Recipes

New Limited Edition Farmville 2 Animals ::
- For 43 Farm Bucks get Adult Brown Belted Galloway Cow (Baby 30)
- For 43 farm bucks get Adult Brown Shire Horse (Baby 30)
- For 41 Farm Bucks get Adult Duroc Pig (Baby 28)
- For 45 Farm Bucks get Adult New Hampshire Chicken (Baby 28)

New Limited Edition Farmville 2 Crop ::
- For 42 Coins get Cantaloupe which matures in 2 Hours, produces 5 Feed, used in recipes

New Crafting Kitchen Farmville 2 Recipes ::
- sells for 3,890 Coins one Espresso Cookies made with Batter + Kona Coffee
- sells for 3,510 Coins one Kona Coffee made with Kona Coffee + Sugar
- sells for 2,550 Coins one Cantaloupe Smoothie made with Cantaloupe + Lemon Water

New Crafting Workshop Farmville 2 Recipes ::
- 3,520 Coins,Old Man’s Beard Aftershave –> Old Man’s Beard + Flask
- 2,750 Coins,Blue Tie –> Blueberry Dye + Wool Bolt
- 2,810 Coins,Leather Wallet –> Leather Plus Wool Thread

Farmville 2 Freebie

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