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Are your recipes missing a little something? Are you looking for powdered sugar for crafting in your FarmVille 2 kitchen? Here is our contribution, click the link below to get two FREE Sugars which will be used to craft Powered Sugar

Powdered Sugar Ingredients:

3 Sugars + 2 Flour
Powdered Sugar Sell for 1450 coins each
Powdered Sugar Gives 13 XP

Click on the link below to get two FREE Sugars! Make sure to Like & Share this post so your friends can collect some, too!

Click here to collect two free sugar

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6 Responses to “FarmVille 2 Free Sugar Freebie”

  1. zunairkhursheed says:

    I want sugar please give it to me

  2. JO says:

    This is a Scam

  3. RAISAFOTOVA says:

    ADD ME

  4. darnell says:

    how do you add people

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