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farmville 2 free items

Get farmville 2 free item and us know how many of players are getting the issue with release of Labrador in their farmville 2. As Zynga is releasing Labrador feature gradually in farmville 2, some players might not have access to all the features. while you collect this farmville 2 free item also have a look at the latest issue with farmville 2.

Many of our farmville 2 players have received the pop up saying Labradors are here and the pups went in the dog house. But when many farmville 2 players click on the dog house to see the tasks they have to complete NOTHING happens. They have tried loading farmville 2 in Chrome as well as Firefox. Each time farmville 2 players are reloading the page they go through the same pop-ups which says Labradors are here and it goes though the process over again.

But farmville 2 players need to worry as Zynga is already aware of the problem. Following is the response of Zynga regarding this issue in farmville 2. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Farmers! Do not worry, the team is already aware of this concern and is currently looking into this further. Your patience and understanding is much appreciated. For the meantime, you can visit the Help Center or Facebook fanpage for more news and update on the current in-game concerns. Have a good day

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farmville 2 free items

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