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farmville 2 free items - free farmville 2 waterHey mates,

Today we are going to have lunar lantern stand in our farms. We have already posted the details and farmville 2 cheats for lunar lantern stand. Please click here if you wish to check details of farmville 2 lunar lantern stand. You will also have change to get floating lunar lanterns for your farm. You can get these water lunar lanterns as reward on collection of red envelops during lunar New Year lantern festival. Here are the farmville 2 cheats for these water lanterns which we believe are great decorations for your farm all round the year. Also collect farmville 2 free items by clicking link given at the end of post.  If you have missed free farmville 2 baby bottles you can collect by clicking here and visit our site regularly to collect latest farmville 2 freebies.

Farmville 2 is starting to pick up on the Valentine vibe! It is a long standing tradition in FarmVille to get together with friends on Valentine’s Day. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with new content, available for a limited time as Valentine 2014 is going to be the next theme. Limited Edition items of Farmville 2 valentine 2014 are going to release on 27 January 2014. Very soon we will be releasing cheat codes for farmville 2 valentine 2014 very soon.

Following are cheat codes for water lanterns:

Farmville 2 cheat for Red Lantern

red lantern

Scan for: e_rare_crafted_glazed_carrots_purpledragon (Glazed Purple dragon carrot)

Change to: e_deco_animated_cookoff_lunar_lantern_silk

Cheat codes for Box lantern

box lantern

Scan for: e_rare_crafted_cake_banana_cream_heirloom (Heirloom Banana Cream cake)

Change to: e_deco_animated_cookoff_lunar_lantern_box

Cheat codes for lotus lanterns

lotus lantern

Scan for: e_rare_crafted_lemonade_strawberry_heirloom (heirloom strawberry lemonade)

Change to: e_deco_animated_cookoff_lunar_lantern_lotus

you can also try of trainer which generates farmville free cash. Click here to see the working video of this trainer. We constantly try to bring latest farmville 2 freebies, tricks, tips, Guides and cheat codes to our players. So please do not forget to like our facebook page for upcoming updates by clicking here. Share this post with your other friends so that they can also benefit.

You can collect farmville 2 free items by clicking the links given below

farmville 2 free water

10 X free water

5 X free water

5 X free water

5 X free water

5 X free water

5 X free water

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  1. Anonymous says:

    didn’t think i would get all 35 units…………go figure!

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    Could not find anywhere to collect my 35 water :(

  3. ajay says:

    i want 2,000 free fram ville 2 bucks plzzzzzzzzz

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