FarmVille 2 Free Fuel – FarmVille 2 Free Items (01 Sept 2013)

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Hey Mates,

FarmVille 2 is releasing another consumable FarmVille 2 Fuel with release of River plots. River crops have an advantage as they do not require water to crop them but you must dry your Water Crop harvests in the Crop Dryer prior to crafting in Recipes or selling in general store. Just like Water and power FarmVille 2 fuel will be limited to 30 and will be generated over a period of time. Here you have opportunity to FarmVille 2 Free Fuel before release of River crops and FarmVille 2 dryer. You can collect FarmVille 2 Free Fuel by clicking the link given at the end of posts. Apart from getting 10 units of FarmVille 2 Free Fuel and waiting for regeneration, you can request your FarmVille 2 friends for fuel or can be purchased using Farm Bucks.


River crops will be released after 2 days and your FarmVille 2 Dryer must be ready before you will be able to use this FarmVille 2 Free Fuel.

Very shortly we will be releasing FarmVille 2 Cheats for FarmVille 2 Fuel so you can fill your Inventory; in the mean time you can download our NEW FREE TRAINER to generate water and power. This Free FarmVille 2 cheat works well with Mozilla and Windows 8. You can download it instantly by clicking the link given below

Free Download – New FarmVille 2 Trainer for water and power

We also suggest you to watch video for our latest FarmVille 2 hacks which generates FarmVille 2 farm buck.  So you can have free farm bucks anytime you wish without spending any money. You can fill your stock with consumables like FarmVille 2 speed grow and you will not have to worry about growing animals. Click here to watch our Video to see what all can be done using this FarmVille 2 hack.

Generate Unlimited Farmville 2 Bucks

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FarmVille 2 Free items – Collect 10 X FarmVille 2 Free Fuel

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7 Responses to “FarmVille 2 Free Fuel – FarmVille 2 Free Items (01 Sept 2013)”

  1. gerry clanton says:

    will not even download even after paying for it

  2. REGLEA says:


  3. Bran says:

    no codes yet for fuel???

  4. marina says:

    thanks for the fuel

  5. KM says:

    Thanks for the free Fuel..Will be very helpful.. :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t work for me either… paid for it…. emailed them … didn’t work after their response… GRRRR

  7. Anonymous says:

    I did not get either ,knew i wouldnt ugh

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