Farmville 2 free favor(Updated 20th Dec)

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Farmville 2 free favor

Hey Mates,

Farmville 2 has just surprised every player by giving away farmville 2 free favor. We are sure this will help a lot of players to upgrade buildings or horse breeding. All farmville 2 players anxiously look for farmville 2 free favor, So don’t miss the opportunity to get farmville 2 free favor. These farmville 2 free favor will keep on for some time so impart these freebies to other farmville 2 players. You can collect these farmville 2 free favor by clicking link given at the end of post.

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Please do read farmville 2 Tip for trees:

farmville 2 trees guide

  1. Do you know that only heirloom tree provides prized crops.
  2. Some of the prized crops from trees can give you lots of farmville 2 coins and as much as 990 XP per prized crops. But Normal trees and elder trees do not produce prized crops.
  3. You can move your elder trees to inventory. If you wish to move elder trees to inventory, water them first. They still grow fruits while in inventory. So you can move them out of inventory and harvest when you need.
  4. In my view, best bet with elder tree is trade them for pruning shears. You can gain good farmville 2 coins and XP with heirloom trees.

I am sure this little farmville 2 tip is very helpful for some of the players. Please share it with other players.

Do not forget to collect Farmville 2 free favor by clicking the link given at the end of post. You can also download our free trainer using which you can generate free baby bottles, water, power and lot more. Click here to get details of our free trainer.

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10 X free farmville 2 favor

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  1. Belinda Ewing Johnston says:

    Thanks I got 1 favor 10 pack.

  2. Rick says:

    Wooohoo! – You just got:
    1 Favor 10 pack

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  5. Desley says:

    Thank you.

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  7. Evie says:

    Thank You!!!!

  8. larisa kouladi says:

    спасибо и я получила пакет

  9. Julia says:

    given, and Thank you!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    thank you, it worked

  11. cornelia says:

    thanks zillions ♥

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  14. Ernesto Tito Montoya Jr. says:

    My Farm Ville 2 is not working right, it keeps on crashing when I visit my neighbors farms. Please fix it Thank You.

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