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Hey Mates,

Do you want more room for farmville 2 animals? Here is a farmville 2 cheat to increase capacity of farmville 2 animals by 15. Apart from originally allotted farmville 2 shady trough which you can upgrade to deluxe shady trough. Now you can get another farmville 2 deluxe shady trough which will increase the capacity of farmville 2 animals.

This farmville 2 cheat is very simple, open the inventory and look for deluxe shady trough under buildings. Select it and place it in your farm. Initially it will add the total capacity of farmville 2 animals by 10. You can upgrade it to farmville 2 deluxe shady trough and get additionsl 5 animals in your farms.

  • Go to buildings category in your inventory to find 2nd deluxe shady trough
  • You must be level 12 and above to get this free farmville 2 deluxe shady trough.
  • You will get shady trough from inventory and need to be upgraded to farmville 2 deluxe shady trough


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6 Responses to “free farmville 2 deluxe shady trough – farmville 2 cheats”

  1. sherry13348 says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    i figured that out last week

  3. Lotte Bjerre says:

    It made me so happy and my friends also. Good idea, More of those ;-)

  4. Anonymous says:

    it is a pleasure in getting a special gift that was actural free and got what you said.

  5. Deb Salay Bridge says:

    Why was my second one removed with a promise of $10 FV2 cash ??????????

  6. Anonymous says:

    That not true. I had one I don’t know how long when they deleted it the other week and said you only allowed to have one.. Then I had to put animals in inventory as they said I had too many.

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