Farmville 2 Cheats : Buy Anything With Coins Including Farmbucks Items

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   All these cheats requires some basic knowledge and understanding about cheat engine, If you   are not a tech savvy gamer who understand how cheat engine works and how basic game messaging works then please do not try these instructions and don’t be sad as we will be posting more user friendly free cheats and hacks soon for every body to use so that all our users can dominate the game without being ever scammed again. No survey to fill and no paid string attached to our free hacks and cheat list.Don’t forget to like our facebook page on top right hand corner to keep getting latest updates.

We have collected the best possible Farmville 2 cheats from all over the internet for you guys which you can hack using free cheat engine. Before started using any of these cheats guides below, first download free cheat engine from this URL Basicall cheat engine will help you to see game messaging in real time which you can modify to make these farmville 2 cheats works

Here is the list of cheats which you can get using free cheat engine..Enjoy:)

Hack to obtain FarmVille 2 Free ChainSaw using cheat engine

  1. Open FarmVille 2 & Cheat Engine
  2. Buy “stone gate” (rock arch) then put on your farm
  3. Scan with Cheat Engine “e_deco_arch_rock” and change “e_viral_chainsaw”
  4. And enter the “stone gate” (rock arch) into iventory.
  5. Wait a few moments, then reload your FarmVille 2
  6. Open your FarmVille 2 then check inventory

Hack to obtain FarmVille 2 free Building Materials and Quest Items Using Cheat Engine

Note: In this example we are trying to get the “Pumpkin Bag”

  1. Open Cheat Engine
  2. Buy Shrub Round in Decoration
  3. In Cheat Engine Change Value Type : Text/String
  4. Scan “e_deco_shrub_round” change with “e_viral_pumpkinbag”
  5. Move all the shrub round to inventory .. wait for a minute then refresh
    Viola you’ve got it.

Here is Example for for halloween candy

  1. Open FarmVille 2
    Plant strawberry
    Open Cheat Engine 6.
    And search : e_rare_crop_strawberry Change to : e_rare_halloween_candy
    go to Game ..make speed grow strawberry ready to harvest…
    You got halloween candy if u harvest strawberry.

Some More FarmVille 2 Game Messaging Codes for Materials and Quest Items with few Hints to create your own hacks and cheats

  1. e_resource_bottle_pack_10
If you are Looking for any additional cheat codes find them here

Click here to find more cheat codes


Free FarmVille 2 Baby Bottle Hack

*requires cheat engine 6.1, firefox and Zero farm bucks

  1. Open Firefox then start Farmville 2
  2. Open Cheat Engine 6.1
  3. Go to Cheat Engine search for FlashPlayerPlugin_xx_x_xxx_xxx.exe
  4. Change VALUE TYPE ”4 Bytes” to ”Text”
  5. On Farmville 2 Open up the shop and go to where the baby bottles are (Should be in the ‘Consumables’ tab)
  6. Scan for ”coins” and  Select all coins text
  7. Change the value of ”coins” into ”farm bucks”
  8. Buy all 3 packs till it say you reach 100!

FarmVille 2 Hack For Silo and Water Well

  1. buy the shrub round under decoration worth 25
  2. put as many as you want in farm
  3. open Cheat Engine and scan “e_deco_shrub_round”
  4. drag all the result down and change it to e_building_well_l1 for well and e_building_silo_l1 for silo
  5. now go back to farm and store all the shrub
  6. refresh and look into your inventory they are now sitting pretty over there.

FarmVille 2 Hack For Water Bar Bonus

  1. Buy hay wagon in market and place it on farm
  2. Open Cheat Engine Scan for 2250 under 4bytes
  3. Drag all the result down and change it to 1M or 2M (2000000)
  4. Now in Cheat Engine again set the value to string or text and type coins and make another scan
  5. Drag all the result down and change coins to water
  6. Go back to farm and sell your hay wagon
  7. Your now big time with water

FarmVille 2 Hack to get Unlimited Silo

  1. Open Fv2 full load
    if u don’t have Buy orange Tree 1 or 2 .. and give it water
  2. Open Cheat Engine 6.2 (CE)
  3. Change value type to string
  4. type text in value to = e_tree_fruit_orange
    change to = e_building_silo_l11
  5. back to ur farm.( ur Game).and buy Orange Tree
    try to place…. if Not place… refesh game ..see what u get it

FarmVille 2 Hack : Buy Anything with Coins Including Items which you can buy with FarmBucks

  1. First open Cheat Engine, for the Value Type chose Array of Byte. Now scan for 40 42 0F 00 40 42 0F 00 00 00 00 00 , after this select all the addresses using red arrow now drop them down select all and right click on those highlighted addresses and from menu change record type and change length to 16 you will see 4 new bytes added to the string: 40 42 0F 00 40 42 0F 00 00 00 00 00 XX XX XX XX (where XX is your own result)
  2. Now do a new scan 36 00 00 00 36 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 and repeat the same operation you did in the step 1 , you will get 36 00 00 00 36 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 YY YY YY YY (if you get many similar values then select 3 or 4 )
  3. Now take 4 bytes YY YY YY YY you have got at step 2 and start a new scan
    and then change the value from YY YY YY YY to XX XX XX XX

Users Feedback After trying these FarmVille 2 cheats:

For some user there was sudden reset to level 1 happened, However most user reported that they were able to keep their game progress saved. So be aware of these risk before trying these cheats and only try to use these cheats if you are tech savvy gamers as mentioned above. For others keep tuned in for coming soon post with simplified versions of these hacks

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833 Responses to “Farmville 2 Cheats : Buy Anything With Coins Including Farmbucks Items”

  1. hdgming says:

    Try This : Buy Old Wooden Fence worth 25 coins from marketplace.

    In Cheat engine, search for string -

    e_deco_fence_dilapidated and replace with e_resource_bottle_pack_2 or e_resource_bottle_pack_5
    Go back to your game and move the Old wooden fence to Inventory. In the inventory you should have Baby bottle packs (2 or 5).
    Pls try and tel me if it worked for you !

  2. indu says:


    updade this ones , only the well and silo are working …

  3. hdgaming says:

    Eventually all of these worked for me with few changes
    Thanks for the Tips

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Bro Do You Try It With Wood Planks Brush And Other Materials ??? Share Your Tricks Dude ;) PLZ !!!

  5. amo says:

    1. Buscamos los strings “obstruction_rock” y “obstruction_stump”.
    2. Los agregamos y los reemplazamos con “e_deco_shrub-round”
    3. Visitamos la granja de un vecino y posteriormente reiniciamos.

    De esta manera estos “estorbos” desaparecen.

  6. Sajid says:

    Can any one tell me how to build the furnace building without collecting the items…. i tried “e_building_furnace”, but it does not work….

    please help me immediately…

  7. Bean says:

    How about the crosscut saw?
    can i change shrub into crosscut saw?

  8. kev says:

    can anyone tell me the code of wood plank and brick?

  9. shawn says:

    i get zilch.. ??? do you have to do task manager and change process and find the google chrome exe that matches..or how do you do it

  10. Anonymous says:

    humhari tu chat nahe lagi..

  11. mc says:

    Okay for those guys who uses Google Chrome here’s how to select the correct process in cheat engine!~

    You need the ff.
    Google Chrome
    Cheat Engine 6.2

    1. Open Farmville2
    2. Open Cheat Engine
    3. In your Google Chrome, open new tab, type this in address bar chrome://memory-redirect/
    4. Look for Pepper Plug-in Shockwave Flash ( a 4 digit code will be on its left side) for example. (4548)
    5. Open Calculator, Press Alt + 3, Go input the 4 digit code, Then on the left side of the Calculator make in HEX, you will be able to see a hexadecimal code.
    From (4548->11C4)
    6. Now go to Cheat Engine, Select the process. Look for the (000011C4)
    Just for this example.

    Hope you understand this!

    *I am not the original author, just re-sharing to help.

  12. Stan says:

    Hey guys what software are you using to find all the codes for farmville 2?

  13. TOMMY says:

    HEY ALL ,,
    anyone knows how to get wood planks and brick and metal without neighbours cause i cant get anything of them i had issue that i cant fix about nothing appears in my fv2 mail … but i get notification that frndz send me requests .. i cant get them though !!

  14. Ash says:

    Hey, with the silo cheat it shows up in my inventory but it won’t let me place it on my farm. Anyone know why?

  15. crisscross says:

    for unlimited water you need cheat engine 6.2
    the code for water is 14400 at double and make the value 1.
    the code for the energy is 82800 also at double and make the value in 1 :)


  16. shekhar says:

    None of the above works with ‘plugin_installer.exe’ in CE 6.2 Can someone plz tell me how to install flash player plugin so that CE 6.2 would recognise it ??? thnx guys !!!

  17. TOMMY says:


  18. varun says:

    @hdgming the wooden plank cheat is working

  19. percy says:

    hey guys, can anyone tell me how to get building materials like wood plank, metal etc. with cheat codes?

  20. Divili says:

    How about the limited 5 action every 24h on Neighbor’s farm ??? :) i’m not able to find.. help ?

  21. teja says:

    To get water trough this is some what similar just like baby bottle packs.
    buy a fence and place it in the farm
    In Cheat engine, search for string -
    e_deco_fence_dilapidated and replace with e_building_watertrough_3 Go back to your game and buy fence from the shop and you will get the water trough.

  22. chyrra says:

    hi teja was made it but still nothing…in Ce i have klik to Active or no…im was make active and without but still nothing:(( i use firefox but …i maby do something wrong ./ i think wrrong with replace :/ i change e_deco to e _building…but nothing:(

  23. chyrra says:

    can anybody help me …my fb is Viktoria Drobnakova please

  24. John says:

    I tryed it and didn’t work

  25. meital says:

    hey all, tried the buy all with coin cheat and it didn’t go so well.. i’ll be happy for some tips and help :) thanks ahead

  26. teja says:

    i didn’t get u chyrra. r u saying about water trough?
    wat i said is working perfectly. i used cheat engine 6.2.

  27. teja says:

    Harvest Hen House Cheat
    • Open FarmVille 2 & Cheat Engine
    • Change Type Value to Double
    • Scan 86400
    • Change record Value to 1
    • Harvest Hen house multiple times to find all exotic eggs. (and thousands of normal eggs)
    • Trade the 5 exotic eggs for Exclusive Polish Silver Laced Chickens that give the red eggs
    • Put as many PSL chickens that you want
    • If you scan with 14400 and change value to 1 you can harvest yourwater wells forever

  28. DS___ says:

    u can replace “e_deco_shrub_round” with “e_building_furnace”

  29. Anonymous says:

    then wat to do with tat

  30. DS___ says:

    did u use sting search “coins” chang to “farm bucks” ?
    here is anotherway to do that:

    1. Open Cheat Engine, in the Value Type chose Array of Byte. First scan 40 42 0F 00 40 42 0F 00 00 00 00 00
    , select all the addresses and using red arrow drop them down select
    all and right click on those highlighted addresses and from menu change
    record type and change length to 16
    you will see 4 new bytes added to the string: 40 42 0F 00 40 42 0F 00 00 00 00 00 XX XX XX XX (where XX is your own result)
    2. Now make new scan 36 00 00 00 36 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 and repeat the same operation you made in the point 1
    and you will get 36 00 00 00 36 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 YY YY YY YY (if you get many results all different, select 3 or 4 the same)
    3 Now take 4 bytes YY YY YY YY you got in the point 2 and make a new scan of them
    and change the value of your YY YY YY YY to XX XX XX XX

farmville 2 cheats 100% working farmville 2 cheats

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