Writers Wanted for Farmville 2 Cheats Fansite .. Get Farmviile 2 free farmbucks

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writerwanted copyHey Farmers,

We want to make our farmville 2 cheats fansite more interesting and filled diverse unique contents. Basic idea is if we increase the website with lot more Tips/Tricks, gaming updates/News, Guides, quest and Community features on top of the huge amount of interesting content, video and cheats we are already bringing and providing to our users then we can most definitely make this site much more interesting to all our fans and community.

In order to start with that initiative we are going to need more writers and moderators. So here is your chance to volunteer and give back to our daily fan community and gain some content writing experience. In return you can get back link to your facebook page or personal website and also use this as reference for your writing or blogging experience. Also we will be distributing free farmbucks or facebook credits to selected writers otherwise these position are on a volunteer basis only for now.

Now there can be two type of contribution from our community One Off Article Writers and more Resident Writers on daily or weekly basis.

One Off Article Writers : Pl. send your One-Off Articles to [email protected] with your Facebook URL and if they’re good enough we’ll post it to our site for the benefit of all our users and hopefully if your article will be selected by our editors then you will be also getting some free farm bucks or facebook credits to enjoy.

Resident Writer : if you want to be part of famrville 2 cheats Fansite writing team on a more regular basis and want to work closely with them then please send a short application to [email protected]om with following details:

  • How often you play Farmville 2 and other facebook games
  • How long you’ve played the game
  • Your Facebook URL
  • Why you would like to be a gaming Fansite writer like ours
  • What kind of topic you’d like to write about on a regular basis
  • A sample article that you’d like to publish

As mentioned these positions are only on volunteer basis for now but farmville 2 free farmbucks will be rewarded to the very best articles that make to famrville 2 cheats Fansite and for multiple submissions by same writer to say thanks to you for helping the farmville 2 fansite community and allowing us to become number one resource for farmville 2 gaming tips/tricks, guides and gaming news for our favorite online Facebook game to continue to run and improve

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    I have purchased farm bucks trainer but need some help to explain some features. Thank you Regards Anna

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    pl. email to [email protected] for help thanks

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