FarmVille 2 Freebies with latest updates of Farmville 2 Family Matters Quest (29th May)

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There is new quest introduced recently in farmville 2 called Farmville 2 Family Matters Quests. We will be bringing step by step guide to complete the quest as well as tricks and cheats to get an edge and finish it sooner then later. This quest is all about making time less memories  You are going to have a family reunion in your farm while playing this Farmville 2 quests.

Exciting thing is that all your neighbors and friends can also drop by and take a picture with brand new Photo Reunion Camera of yours. This is going to be the very main tasks for this quest as players will be collecting parts to build this camera and will be taking pictures on this eight part Quest Mission. Now time has come where you can really celebrate your Friendships in Farmville 2. You can also Craft goods for this Photo Reunions with all your Neighbors/Friends and also receive all the great gifts after each of the group photo. Once you complete all the five of these Photo Reunions then you can earn your own the Photo Backdrop Curtain. Don’t forget to come and visit our blog for more details on this latest Farmville 2 Family Matters Quests.

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4 Responses to “FarmVille 2 Freebies with latest updates of Farmville 2 Family Matters Quest (29th May)”

  1. john says:

    cheat for camera please????

  2. DEVID_again says:

    if you need to place camera
    set to TEXT
    scan for e_deco_winebottles_stacked
    change to e_building_reuniontable_l1
    buy stacked wine bottles and place your camera :-)
    answer if it work (i found it out)
    sorry for language if wrong, i’m italian :-)

  3. DEVID_again says:

    i went on in the game -> need some crafting nails too, so why not to grow them??? HAHAHA
    set to TEXT
    scan for e_rare_crop_strawberry
    change to e_rare_ingredient_nail
    plant, water, speed-grow strawberry & harvest NAILS!!!
    hope that’s usefull
    bye :))))

  4. DEVID_again says:

    i found usefull to have a groove with 4 lemon trees, huge size version, beacause if you need large quantity of wheat, apples, bla bla you just need to
    set to TEXT
    scan for e_rare_tree_lemon
    change to e_rare_tree_XXXXX for fruits
    or e_rare_crop_XXXXX for crops
    where XXXXX is whatever has a name of 5 letters like: APPLE LEMON MANGO PEACH OLIVE PECAN ONION WHEAT….
    ATTENTION: you will need lots of water, fertilizer and speed-grow do to this
    ENJOY good night :-)….

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