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farmville 2 county fair legendThe ultimate County Fair title is coming soon. Many of us have received the Pop up asking us to be prepared for farmville 2 county fair legend. There were all sorts of reactions and queries among farmville 2 players regarding farmville 2 county fair legend.  There are queries like if farmville 2 is planning to of end of county fair and players can keep their county fair medals as is and you are a legend for all those other players of FM2 which come after the County fair ends?. Does farmville 2 is going to introduce another level of county fair medals? May be more rewards for each medal level.

Whether you like the fair or not, farmville 2 county fair gave us the ability to earn extra set of actions when we visit neighbors. All of us are benefited from that, no matter what our personal levels are because we had friends who were higher and who visited us. If the fair ends, I wonder if there will be some other way to let us earn more actions, or if we’re going to go back to 4 or 5 actions per farm. Remember that?

farmville 2 county fair legend

What we can make out from farmville 2 county fair legend announcement is No farmville 2 is not planning to end county fair at all. Farmville 2 county fair legend will be another medal or rather crown and there will not be anymore levels. But once you achieve farmville 2 county fair legends crown, you need to keep playing to maintain it or you will be drop back down to platinum. But we doubt there will be any addition to the action even after achieveing farmville 2 county fair legend crown. There will be special rewards after receiving farmville 2 county fair legend crown and we hope the special rewards must be really really special. Players have put in great effort to attain farmville 2 county fair legend. So we suggest you achieved the highest County Fair award!  You can earn the ultimate title by being a farmville 2 county fair legend. Get to Legendary status each week for unique rewards and fame! Earn farmville 2 county fair legend crown each week for great rewards.

We are sure you will like your avatar to wear this farmville 2 county fair legend crown .

You will need this Farmville 2 Tips to be farmville 2 county fair legend. If somehow you are unable to collect enough medal points to reach next level of county fair medal, DO NOT attend the county fair to avoid going to previous medal level.

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