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farmville 2 cheats - valentines 2014Hey Mates, an in our previous post we informed that next farmville 2 update is going to be Valentines theme for limited edition items. farmville 2 is starting to pick up on the Valentine vibe! It is a long standing tradition in farmville to get together with friends on Valentine’s Day. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with new content, available for a limited time as Valentine 2014 is going to be the next theme. Limited Edition items of Farmville 2 valentine 2014 are going to release on 27 January 2014. We will shortly provide you updates of quest and new building of farmville 2. Following are farmville 2 cheats for limited edition items going to release in coming farmville 2 update.

Valentines 2014 Limited Edition Animals

Cheat codes for baby polish white crested black chicken

farmville 2 cheats baby polish white crested black chicken

Scan for: e_rare_crafted_cake_starfruit_golden_heirloom

Change to: e_animal_baby_chicken_polishwhitecrestedblack

farmville 2 cheat for polish white crested black chicken

polish white crested black chicken

scan for: e_deco_fence_base_horsestorage_crosssaddledark
change to: e_animal_adult_chicken_polishwhitecrestedblack

cheat codes for baby chestnut spotted gotland rabbit

baby chestnut spotted gotland rabbit

scan for: e_rare_crafted_lemonade_strawberry_heirloom
change to: e_animal_baby_rabbit_chestnutspottedgotland

farmville 2 cheats for chestnut spotted gotland rabbit

chestnut spotted gotland rabbit

scan for: e_rare_crafted_cupcake_apple_orange_heirloom
change to: e_animal_adult_rabbit_chestnutspottedgotland

farmville 2 cheat for baby red mountain cow

baby red mountain cow

scan for: e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green
change to: e_animal_baby_cow_harzredmountain

farmville 2 cheats for red mountain cow

red mountain cow

scan for: e_deco_animated_kite_flying_yellow
change to: e_animal_adult_cow_harzredmountain

farmville 2 cheats for baby peacock goat

baby peacock goat

scan for: e_deco_winebottles_stacked
change to: e_animal_baby_goat_peacock

farmville 2 cheats for peacock goat

peacock goat

scan for: e_deco_hitchingpost_generic
change to: e_animal_adult_goat_peacock

Valentines 2014 Limited Edition trees

cheat codes for Satsuma owari tree

Satsuma owari tree

scan for: e_deco_winebottles_stacked
change to: e_tree_fruit_satsuma_owari

cheat codes for Persian ironwood tree

Persian ironwood tree

scan for: e_rare_crafted_cake_blackberry_cream
change to: e_tree_fruit_flower_ironwood_persian

cheat codes for madrone pacific tree

madrone pacific tree

scan for: e_deco_horseshoegame_generic
change to: e_tree_fruit_madrone_pacific

cheat codes for autumn moon maple tree

autumn moon maple tree

scan for: e_deco_animated_flag_expansion
change to: e_tree_fruit_maple_autumn_moon

cheat codes for coconut tree

coconut tree

scan for: e_deco_barrel_flower
change to: e_tree_fruit_coconut

Valentines 2014 Limited Edition decorations

Cheat codes for romantic haybale

romantic haybale

Scan for: e_deco_animated_random_hitchingpost
change to: e_deco_valentine14_haybale_romantic

farmville 2 cheat for rose flowerpot

rose flowerpot

Scan for: e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green
change to: e_deco_valentine14_flowerpot_rose

Cheat codes for swan boat

swan boat

Scan for: e_deco_animated_kite_flying_yellow
change to: e_deco_water_valentine14_boat_swan

Cheat codes for rose candle

rose candle

Scan for: e_rare_crafted_cake_carrot_purpledragon
change to: e_deco_animated_valentine14_candle_rose

Cheat codes for swan bench

farmville 2 cheats for swan bench

Scan for: e_rare_crafted_cake_banana_cream
change to: e_deco_valentine14_loveseat_swan

farmville 2 cheat codes for petal pathway

petal pathway

Scan for: e_deco_animated_flag_expansion
change to: e_deco_valentine14_path_petals

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