Farmville 2 County Fair is better than ever!Plus get 20 FREE Fuel

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County Fair Update - FarmVille 2


Farmville 2 Cheats - The County Fair is better than ever! Plus get 20X Free Fuel

The County Fair has been updated! Compete against other farmers who are just like you to win multiple Medals and better rewards at once. These extra Medals will help you reach Legendary faster so you can unlock the State Fair for even greater rewards such as rare Animals! See below for all of the details on the latest updates to the County Fair.
County Fair Update - FarmVille 2


The County Fair is better than ever! Now you can compete with other farmers for bonuses throughout the weekly challenge. Note: These players are not your friends or your Neighbors, as you will only compete with farmers who play like you. You also have a chance to win up to five different Medals in one week! In order to win multiple Medals during one challenge, be sure to place in the top 3 of the Leaderboard at the end of the week. In addition, all players who reach Legendary Status will have the opportunity to complete in the State Fair to earn even greater rewards, such as rare Animals!


  • Cheer & Pester: You now have the ability to “Cheer” and “Pester” other farmers in your current League via a popup (see image below) as you collect record Prize Goods and/or hovering over their Profile Picture in the Leaderboard. Clicking on the “Pester” or “Cheer” button sends the player a gift, which they can accept.

County Fair Update - FarmVille 2

  • Double Time: “Jumbo Time” has been replaced with “Double Time.” As you reach your Challenge Goals, you will receive Double Time for 24-hours. During this time, you will get 2X the Prize Points as you find Prize Goods. A small Icon in the Neighbor Bar will indicate Double Time is active with a timer (see image below).

County Fair Update - FarmVille 2

  • Prize Shovel: Upgrade your Prize Shovel to earn up to 10X as many Points on Prize Goods (see image below). Note: As you upgrade your Shovel, the timer remains the same and does not increase.

County Fair Update - FarmVille 2
Note: If you would like a tutorial on how to use the State Fair, please view our official guide: The State Fair



Updated Menu:

The County Fair Board will keep track of your progress for Points and Medals. In addition, you can view your Medal Goal, the Leaderboard, the County Fair timer, and the Prize Shovel. The image below provides a high-level description of each individual feature:



County Fair Update - FarmVille 2

  1. Medal bar: Displays your total points, Medal status, and how many points needed to reach your next Medal goal. In addition, it shows what Medal you will move to if you come in 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place.
  2. Leaderboard: The Leaderboard shows your placement in the event.
  3. Current Medal: This icon shows your current Medal.
  4. League Name: Displays your current League Name.
  5. County Fair Timer: This countdown timer indicates how much time remains until the next County Fair event.
  6. Rewards Section: This section explains the requirements needed to go to the State Fair and tips on how to get there faster.
  7. Prize Shovel: Click here to purchase the Prize Shovel and the Upgrades. By purchasing your Prize Shovel, you can earn up to 10X as many Points on Prize Goods (Gold 2X, Platinum 3X, Amber 4X, Ruby 5X, Sapphire 6X, and Diamond 10X). Note: As you upgrade your Shovel, the timer remains the same and does not increase.


Additional Information:

  • You must be at a minimum of level 20 to participate in the County Fair.
  • You can only receive Prize Goods (i.e. Crops, Fruit, etc.) from harvesting Fertilized Crops and Heirloom Trees and tending to Prized Animals. You will not receive Prize Goods from harvesting Trees or tending to Animals and Buildings.
  • All players who have earned a Prize Good must go and can only go to County Fair once a week (Thursdays).
  • Your Platinum Medal status will decrease each week you do not attend the County Fair. Note: Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals do not apply to this rule.
  • If you do not hit your Medal Goal you will not go to the Ceremony, but you will get Coins and XP for participating.
  • The League is filled up each week with players who are close to your County Fair skill level.
  • Speed Grow increases your chances of finding Prize Goods.
  • Limited Edition Animals, Crops, Trees, and Crop Packets give the most Points.
  • Upgrade your Fields, Water Fields, and Groves to find more Prize Goods!
  • The County Fair Wagon is unmovable.
  • If you want to see how much time remains until the County Fair, hover your cursor over the wagon.

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