FarmVille 2 Cheats: Mushroom Shed and Pigs

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farmville-2-mashroom-shed launch

 Here we are with another FarmVille 2 cheats for upcoming releases. Gus is going to visit your FarmVille 2 Farm very soon with Mushroom Shed and Pigs. After a long it seems that FarmVille 2 is preparing to launch a four week FarmVille Quest with 16 Tasks and the final award will be a ‘FarmVille 2 Potbellied Pig’


The tasks of Mushroom Shed Quest are yet not known and there is much more to be done before launch, but we are sure very soon we will see FarmVille 2 Mushrooms Shed and pigs.

In the mean time if you wish to have FarmVille 2 Mushroom Shed in your farm you can get it by using Following is the FarmVille 2 Cheats code:


FarmVille 2 Mushroom Shed

Set to String

 Search: e_deco_footbridge_wood (Oak Footbridge)

Change to: e_building_pig_tree_l1

Apart from Potbellied Pig there would be 5 more pigs. We bring you the FarmVille 2 Cheat Codes to get these upcoming animals for your Farm.

1. FarmVille 2 Hampshire Pig:

Set to String

 Search: e_deco_waterfountain_generic (AquaMortis Fountain)

Change to: e_animal_adult_pig_hampshire

2. FarmVille 2 Yorkshire Pig:

Set to String

 Search: e_deco_horseshoegame_generic (Horseshoe Pit)

Change to: e_animal_adult_pig_yorkshire

3. FarmVille 2 Potbellied Pig:

Set to String

 Search: e_deco_animated_windchime_sun (Wind Chime)

Change to: e_animal_adult_pig_potbellied

4. FarmVille 2 Ossabaw Pig:

Set to String

 Search: e_deco_winebottles_stacked (Wine Bottle Spread)

Change to: e_animal_adult_pig_ossabaw

5. FarmVille 2 Hereford Pig:

Set to String

 Search: e_deco_bbq_chair_adirondack (Red Adirondack)

Change to: e_animal_adult_pig_hereford

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21 Responses to “FarmVille 2 Cheats: Mushroom Shed and Pigs”

  1. vicfrancisco says:

    tryed to get the Mushroom Shed, but the code isn’t correct:
    e_deco_footbridge_wood (22)
    e_building_pig_tree_ l1 (23)

    not able to get it… Help Please.

  2. sandra says:

    me too tried and i get reasource too :( plz help

  3. M.Witt says:

    I don’t get it. Can some please explain?

  4. Jini says:

    correction done there was an extra space after underscrore now its (22)

  5. Jini says:

    We apologies for the typo mistake which put an extra space…now it has been corrected

  6. jeff says:

    may sound like a dumb question but i’m not very computer savy, how do you change the string

  7. Mark says:

    e_building_pig_tree_l1 :))

  8. mmm yeah says:

    I agree, it is simple, why would you cheat? I just wanted to see what the pigs were leading up too, so I googled..

  9. gg says:

    how can i have a winter solstice statue? anybody know the codes?

  10. BJ says:

    Is there a Youtube tutorial for this.. bout using the string,, I did the procedure search n Change but nothing happens :( i really wanna have all the cute piggies ..

  11. kamaL AL mensabee says:

    We thank you for what Tkdmoh but our request which is how we delete or sell things that are not sold ÇŃĚćÇ reply and thank you

  12. arvin says:

    can you please teach me, i’m really having a hard time figuring it! thanks!

  13. Chatterboy says:

    easy dude same this guide

    Clearing obstructions
    How to remove all stumps , rocks, ect. after unlocking expansions.
    Enter Farmville 2
    Open Cheat Engine . i use 6.1 + Firefox
    Select processs (flashplugin.exe for firefox and chrome.exe for chrome)
    Change value type to “Text” / “String”
    First scan “obstruction_rock” (all the rocks)
    Select all the results and press the red arrow
    New scan “obstruction_stump” (wood)
    Select all the results and press the red arrow
    Now, select all the addresses in the table below (Ctrl+A)
    Change all the values to “e_deco_shrub-round”
    Go back to your game, visit neighbor, and go back to your farm.
    ALL the rocks and stumps will disappear.
    You no longer need the pickaxes
    Note: Important to replace the name correctly or your game will break and get a white screen. White screen is not banned. It’s just that you bugged the game by using some invalid codes. It may take a while for you to be able to play again.

  14. Kay says:

    I watched the video and I’m still having trouble. I did the fountain one and visited a friend, I don’t get it.

  15. Jini says:

    Move fountian in your inventory and refresh the game. After refresing check animal category in invntory.

  16. Aslan says:

    Kamal if you mean that you wanted to sell or delete all those extra building that you have created using cheat engine? you cant sell them or delete them. but you can undo it. by just reversing the the codes. ex.

    you scan for. e_deco_horseshoegame_generic and you change the value to: e_animal_adult_pig_yorkshire

    and you created like for example 50 pigs. you can undo it buy just reversing the code now.

    scan for

    then change the value to:

    then refresh your browser.. all the pigs will vanish from your farm just the yorkshire pigs. now you can do a new scan just be sure not to over produce them ^_^

  17. Aslan says:

    jeff you will see it in cheat engine. 6.2 it free if you dont have it yet you can download it.

  18. Aslan says:

    make sure that there is no extra space when put the codes in your cheat engine

  19. Sandra says:

    Aslan, got a big trouble…
    I cheated e_tree_fruit_orange to e_animal_baby_sheep_white.

    Now i got 4 baby sheeps in my grove! I cant replace them, i cant get them out of this dump grove, but i can water them with 0 water, i can fertilize them with 0 fertilizer, i can speedgrow them with 0 speedgrow and harvest them!

    Can you help me to fix it?

  20. Carol says:

    If finished all my duties in my mushroom shed way before it expired and did not get any rewards and it is now saying my time is out.. My question is how can I get it going again???

  21. Jerk says:

    Do the codes backwards dipwad…

    e_animal_baby_sheep_white to e_tree_fruit_orange

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