FarmVille 2 Cheats: Have unlimited FarmVille 2 Neighbors

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Since FarmVille 2 is a social game so you must have lot of active FarmVille 2 neighbors to excel in this game. Helping your neighbors is a great way to be social in FarmVille 2. Active FarmVille 2 neighbors can be a great help to grow in FarmVille 2.

Why Should I Have Neighbors, Anyway?

Many tasks on your Farm will require help from your Farmville 2 neighbors, so having active FarmVille 2 players as Neighbors is essential to excel! Not only this, more Neighbors means more gifts like Fertilizer, Water, Feed in your inbox to grow your Farm even faster.

There are several different types of benefits you can have with help of FarmVille 2 neighbors:

  • Active FarmVille 2 neighbors can help you to complete tasks and quests by accepting your request of help for Quest Items
  • You can click on Facebook posts of your FarmVille 2 Friends to get rewards like coins, Experience Points (XP), Fertilizer, Milk Bottles and what not.
  • Send and receive Free Gifts that you can use on your Farm.
  • Send and receive Builder requests.
  • You can even ask your active FarmVille 2 neighbors to visit your Farm for specific tasks.
  • Perform 5 action to help FarmVille neighbors’ Farms in exchange for Coins and Resources



But all is not as easy as it seems because of two reasons.

  • FarmVille 2 has not given any provision to delete inactive FarmVille 2 neighbors.
  • As per FarmVille 2 You have a limitation of adding 300 FarmVille 2 Neighbors. Also finding your friends who play same game is not easy.

Add active FarmVille 2 neighbors from our community page of FarmVille 2 players by clicking here.

What can FarmVille 2 players do?

  • How can I Remove FarmVille 2 Neighbors? Only alternate way to remove inactive FarmVille 2 neighbors is by deleting them from the friends list. If you can afford to remove the player from your friends list, you can do so by clicking ‘unfriend’ in facebook friends list.


  • How can I Add more FarmVille 2 Neighbors? After having 300+ neighbors, If Farmville 2 player try to add more neighbors with option given below, players are denied to add more FarmVille 2 neighbors with a pop-up stating ‘Oops! Too many Neighbors’.



There is an alternate way through which players can have unlimited FarmVille 2 neighbors (currently I have 900+ neighbors).

Instead of adding FarmVille 2 neighbors through option given at the bottom of game, send invitation to your Facebook friends to be your FarmVille 2 neighbors from top of the game. After which, it is only matter of acceptance of the invitation and you can enjoy benefit of unlimited neighbors in so many ways.


Just imagine how fast you can grow with unlimited FarmVille 2 neighbors by using Free cheat to hack FarmVille 2 neighbors farm, that too without hurting their progress. Click here to read more on how to Hack your Neighbors Farm.

You can add active FarmVille 2 neighbors from our community page of FarmVille 2 players by clicking here.



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